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# 1 Singleplayer-Fleet "No Fleet"
07-15-2012, 07:59 AM

first of all, sorry for my bad english, I'm not a native speaker. Not long ago I decided to start my own fleet for my four toons to benefit from the new season and to stay independent. I like to play for myself.

I want to invite all singleplayers to this fleet "No Fleet". For everyone who wants to see and play the new starbases without any commitments, "recruitments", Teamspeak or webpage. Everyone can join, no one will be kicked out. Just to create a starbase as a normal social zone. I am in no hurry, it will take time to build the station. Here are some ideas to the fleet-structure:

* Ranks: You can decide which rank you want. It is just a tag with minor differences.
1) Singleplayer: You can contribute to projects and buy from the fleet stores. Fleetchat and fleetbank are deactivated.
2) Advanced Singleplayer: See 1) plus access to the fleetchat and the fleetbank (see below).
3) PvE: 1) + 2) if you are interested in PvE and looking for others.
4) PvP: 1) + 2) if you are interested in PvP and looking for others.
5) PvE and PvP: 1) + 2) if you are interested in both.

If someone is very active, he can become rank 6) Vice-Administrator to start projects and to promote other members. But he cannot kick someone.

* The Fleetbank is a Exchange, you can take one item/day out of it. It is just for small things like datachips. Don't spend ECs.

This is not the final word. If you have some ideas, we can discuss about it.

Are you interested? Write a pm @valpolicella with your char-name and your faction, because there is a similar klingon-fleet too.

See you in space!

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