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07-15-2012, 11:10 PM
That must be one of the most worthless (expensive) packages in Z-Store currently. The skin is gorgeous don't ge me wrong, but for 750 Zen you get...

  1. A T2 ship you will fly for a day or two, making it a little useless with the current levelling speed
  2. A Cruiser skin that you are unable to use at top ranks, because there is no T5 variant of cruiser
  3. A useless console - useless because the torpedo speed doesn't scale with level. While it is slugish in T2, in T5 speed standards it look it's propelled by targ farts - ie. wont hit anyone in pvp, and there is no use to disable cloak in STF (doesn't work on donatra).

Compared to Rhode Island package or Sabre package, this is truly a painful example of wrongly priced packages. You can wait and add few hundreds ZEN to get Thunderchild, a skin you can use on Armitage, and also with great console.

There might be T5 version eventually, when you beg CBS enough. However you should really fix the console, so the torpedo speed is scaled with engines/abilities used.

Truly this overpriced package is prime example of what's wrong with Z-Store. So anyone even thinking about this package, think again.

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