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# 1 Steam Problem
07-16-2012, 06:01 PM
hi fellas,

i have posted this question in another part of the forums, but as of yet it has gone unanswered so i thought i would post the same question/quiery in here to see if i get help.

inside gameplay i clicked on the ZEN icon to purchase zen, it took me to steam whilst ingame to make my purchase.

i now have ?9.00 sitting in my steam wallet.

how in gods name do i now transfer that to my zen account so i can have it ingame?

if this is not the way it should be done then the game devs need to address the way it takes you ingame to purchase zen for your account.

now if i go straight to my zen account and purchase 1000 zen then transfer it to my STO account it works perfectly.

but like i said i have ?9.00 sitting in my steam account which i will never use.

i want it in my zen account so i can upload it to my STO holodeck please.

how do i go about this?

cheers in advance

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