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With S6 going live, there is talk that Ultra Rare color being "Ultraviolent", and was expecting to see Ultra Rare DOFFS getting the same treatment. But they didn't.

So think we can add somekind of new color scheme or somekind of difference for Unique Reward DOFFS and Ultra Rare DOFFs? I know of some well-known forumites that Borticus is acquanted with, and one of those unfortunate souls accidentally got rid of his Gul Tain. And I'm sure others had similar misfortune too.

I figure if we had uniqueness in IDing Reward DOFFs and Unique DOFFs, while repeatable Chain DOFFs getting another identifier, from the regular DOFFs, accidents would be reduced.

Which surely will come to play with the new Starbase System, where there could be a potential someone donating one of these DOFFs. (Especially the Rare ones like Dr. Sibak, the Bajoran Technican, or the Romulan Explosive Officer).

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