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Hello and welcome to the 1AW recruitment thread. In our fleet all we ask of you is to be a team player with a positive attitude. Can't be online to much NO PROBLEM we have a secondary fleet for players JUST like you with people to help YOU out when YOU need it.

Highly active and looking for a fleet that is team based and helpful to you? Also, NO PROBLEM 1st Assault Air Wing is for you! where we get together and play the game like no other.

We want to have fun while playing the game, its just that simple. We don't care about overbearing rules and regulations all you have to be is a team player from the start with a fun minded attitude to the game. Fleet Events, Mission aid for players, Episode aid for players of all levels, literally everything we can help you with and you can help us with as we grow and expand together.

Our Fleets:
Anarchy Air Wing
1st Assault Air Wing

Sign up today folks we would gladly like to see you fighting in our ranks.


Fleet Admiral Bishop K Noel
1st Assault Air Wing
Commanding Officer

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07-17-2012, 12:30 PM
1st Assault air wing still needs members post your intrest submissions here and we will get you started in an awesome fleet today!

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