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# 1 Needed Tweaks on Klingon NPCs
07-16-2012, 02:46 PM
I've noticed that on the starbase blockade, if you are fighting klingons, the Neg'Vars launch isometric charges. If there are more than 2 ships there, or some turrets or something, or have fighters assisting you, the 3rd and 4rd hit from the isometric charge will one shot you, and also one shot the freighter, i got hit earlier for 84000 damage through my shields by one and I was defensively buffed in a cruiser. It needs to be toned down a bit.... The stasis field is ok, as well as the bio neurals, and subspace jump... but please tweak the isometric to not be able to one shot several ships....especially since often times there are more than one neg Var attacking the freighter.

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