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(NOTE: All new members receive a 10 million ec sign-up bonus and, after a probationary period of one month, a lockbox ship of their choice)

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with Dear Leader, and the Word was Free Arus.
The same was in the beginning with Dear Leader.
All things were extinguished by him; and without him was not any thing made that was not extinguished.
In him was life; and the life was the light of dentistry.
And the light shineth in darkness; and the pubbies comprehended it not.
That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into Drozana.
And the Word was made enamel, and dwelt among us, full of grace and tooth.
And of his fulness have all we received, and braces for Lisa.
For the law was given by Dear Leader, but grace and truth came by Butts.

- "Beginnings," the Book of Butts.

Do these words resonate with you? Do they stir the soul out of its long slumber, and does this soul, once reanimated, once alive and alert, thirst for more? Does it hunger for meaning, for something greater than itself, and, indeed, greater than all of us?

Friend: You are not alone. Far from it. These words have brought hundreds, if not thousands, of fellow players together, all seeking something: consolation, community, camaraderie. We began as a motley crew of transients, dreamers, bleeding-hearts -- all brought together for a purpose: to bring peace and order to the mess that is Star Trek Online.

WE are living in dark times. The Devs have abandoned you, players; they have left you behind to fend for yourselves. Discontent has spread, and the community moderators have vanished. Yet there is still a force, a presence, that welcomes all with open arms, with love, with the belief that we are all in this together, and that only we can make this game a better place. This presence is the Dear Leader.

AS we stand amidst the wreckage of Delta Rising, we ask you to join us, to stand side by side with the most respected, most valuable players in the game to rebuild what we've lost, to create a new era in the game were all are treated with respect as long as no ERP is committed.

DO not forget, friends, the forces that have helped you flourish, for that hand that feeds belongs not to whom you expect. A recap:

- Our Sister Fleet, Nerds of Prey, smashed through the nefarious cartels that robbed players blind for T-5 starbase items. They now cost ZERO ec to access, and invites are freely given on the NOPPublicService channel, one of the LARGEST in-game chat channels of over 9,000 players.

- Our associate fleet, our benevolent overlords, the real hands of the Dear Leader, Shutup Wesley has graciously held a giveaway event unparalleled in STO history: Six BILLION ec worth of lockbox ships, rare items, and so forth given away to players participating in their holiday games.

- Starfleet Dental and Nerds of Prey have also, over the years, held smaller giveaway events of roughly 1 billion ec worth of items, given to players on a first-come, first-serve basis.

To date, NO ONE, not even Cryptic, has held giveaways even resembling the magnitude of the Dental fleets.

To be a DENTAL is to serve your fellow player, to take the Tholian robes off your back -- even if it is the only item you have in the game -- and give them to a player with less than you. This is what the Dear Leader wanted, and this is how we strive to live, both in-game and out.


-A strong moral foundation
-A heart brimming with love and respect for your fellow man (or Klingon, Romulan, etc..)
-A rudimentary knowledge of the game.

We WILL train you; we WILL clothe you, supply you with the best lockbox ships, give you a stipend of EC to build you up, and, most importantly, we WILL NEVER leave your side.

We are STARFLEET DENTAL: The FIRST fleet; The FINEST fleet.

Taken from the previous thread:

Webster's Dictionary defines dentistry as:
The profession or science dealing with the prevention and treatment of diseases and malformations of the teeth, gums, and oral cavity
But with all respect to Websters, there's dentistry, and then there's Starfleet Dentistry.

These words are as true today as when they were written, years before, in the first (now closed, for some reason) Starfleet Dental recruitment thread. HERE is the link, should you so wish to read it.

We thank you for your time, Captain, and we hope -- no, we PRAY -- that you will link up with your fellow players to push through this time of fog, of decay, of uncertainty and dismay, and come out all the better, all the stronger, on the other side.

Starfleet Dental Chief Recruiting Officer

Chairman, Starfleet Dental Central Committee of Expansion and Re-Education

Headmaster of the Starfleet Dental Academy

NOTE TO MODS: Please leave this thread OPEN so other players can express interest. We have it from a previous mod posting that the necro rule doesn't apply to this subforum (posted below), so we'd appreciate a little consistency on your part. Thanks in advance.

Originally Posted by Stormshade, 2011
We understand that the bumping of fleet threads is going to happen, and we turn a blind eye to this in that area of the forums. I would love to see some fleets come up with ways to bump their threads without having to use the word, "Bump" however. (Note: doing so will likely actually improve your recruitment numbers.)
Originally Posted by daan2006 View Post
damn rly hate pooping my pants before i can make it to the bathroom lmao

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Before I joined Dental I was dying in story missions dozens of times. Now I fly a Jem'Hadar Dreadnought Carrier and have the first place trophy for many instances (a feat I don't even need the JHDC for).
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01-27-2015, 08:37 PM
Originally Posted by apedilbert View Post
Before I joined Dental I was dying in story missions dozens of times. Now I fly a Jem'Hadar Dreadnought Carrier and have the first place trophy for many instances (a feat I don't even need the JHDC for).
I seem to remember, apedilbert, that your interest in Dental was sparked by the recruitment threads posted in this very subforum. Thank you for your years of dedicated service. We appreciate the time, the effort, and the tears you've put into making our fleet the premiere fleet of STO.

Feel free to share first-hand testimonials of your experiences with Dental!
Originally Posted by daan2006 View Post
damn rly hate pooping my pants before i can make it to the bathroom lmao
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01-27-2015, 09:17 PM
Hello sir or madame,

I would like to join this fleet.

Please do the needful.

Thank you.
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01-27-2015, 09:44 PM
Whenever I encounter a Dental I leave with joy in my heart and my teeth whiter than white.

If you need a filling they use only the purest of silver too - top work.
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01-27-2015, 10:33 PM
I just wish Cryptic would hurry up with Fleet T6 ships so those of us in Dental and NoP can start giving free access to them for anyone without their own upgraded shipyard.
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01-27-2015, 10:36 PM
Hey Nbreeki!

I am really happy to see this thread back up. If anyone needs help with how to make canonized characters for your special role play costume (not ERP), do not be afraid to ask!
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Originally Posted by nabreeki View Post
Feel free to share first-hand testimonials of your experiences with Dental!
I remember roleplaying with brothers and sisters in the House of Orions, when the roleplay venue was suffering major gas leaks and was at risk to have fires spread wild.

It was chaos. It was pandemonium. People, mostly bleached white Orions, were screaming bloody murder. But it was fire safety technicians and medical staff on deck from Starfleet that kept the calm, and lead some of us to safety, medical check-ups, and refreshments.

One of the most amazing bits of impromptu and all-inclusive roleplay I have had the pleasure to enjoy, and have ever since enjoyed with the lads and ladies of Dental. Following that, also parties and giveaways. They know how to cause a ruckus and add to the atmosphere of any social venue that isn't rehearsing terribly typed out (but hey, we enjoy it) drama.
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Nabreeki does GREAT parties!

I completed a 2-man CSE, ISE, and KASE, Optionals included. And I soloed Winter Invasion.
My Ship Builds: USS Conqueror, HMS Victorious, HMS Concord, ISS Queen Elizabeth, Black Widow III

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Originally Posted by lindaleff View Post
Nabreeki does GREAT parties!
Tell all your friends.
Originally Posted by daan2006 View Post
damn rly hate pooping my pants before i can make it to the bathroom lmao

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