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I'm fairly sure I am not the only one getting tired of these people. And mostly the fact that we cannot do anything about them. Especially in the new space engagements you will get an afker atleast one out of 3 times, and these completely destroy the possibility of earning a decent amount of Fleet Marks.

What we really need is a quick fix where if 3 or 4 people vote someone out that they will be kicked. We shouldn't be punished with a 1 hour cooldown if someone else makes our stf impossible due to afking 50 km away from the action. Neither should they be rewarded for such actions.
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07-17-2012, 01:51 PM
i would suggest a system where an AFK'er would get zero points/loot and the person doing the most damage would get the maximum or best loot. the middle players would get of course mid-range type rewards. base the rewards on damage done & healing or something along those lines.
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07-17-2012, 06:19 PM
Was in infected elite PUG and one guy goes off and attacks the wrong side and tries to spoil it but the cube kills him... so he waits like 10 minutes then spawns and sits....

So we came upon an agreement to finish up (we were on the gate) then take aggro and drag the tac cube right to him.

Well, being a leech, he was listening, and not 20 seconds after we agreed upon this on team chat he quit the mission. We didn't get the optional in time (missing the 5th man's firepower) but we still beat it regardless. And it was satisfying to know there's a solution -- drag the TAC to him!
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07-17-2012, 06:36 PM
Originally Posted by corayne View Post
I'm fairly sure I am not the only one getting tired of these people.
Preaching to the choir. If you get board, search the forums for kick and you should discover the hundreds of other threads along this same topic.
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With no penalty for doing nothing and no reward for doing the most, there's no incentive to work if the other four people will do it for you.

I think zero Healing/Damage should get nothing, but that means they can shoot the first cube with a salvo and call it a day.

The thing is if I'm the guy on Probe Duty at Khitomer, on the other side I'm going to be doing far less DPS than the other four guys on the active side. I'm helping the team I'm doing my part so I shouldn't be penalised but we got to make the system fair.

A vote to kick option sounds reasonable. I'm not going to kick a guy knowing he's helping especially because when somebody leaves it's a four man for the rest of the game. Just make it so you can't kick people while loot can be rolled on or who are in combat.
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