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07-17-2012, 08:22 PM
Lock Boxes in general. I've seen it done in other games but not in such a specific manner. Perhaps it would be possible to add a general (or basic) option for the game to be able to auto-pass (a toggle-able option) on lock boxes specifically. Since some people would still like to collect the boxes, and others apparently don't want anything to do with them, it might be possible to please all of the people all of the time here.

I don't think this is too difficult a request since as the devs have stated lock boxes are a separate loot table from other loot, it shouldn't affect the normal loot tables, correct? Also it would allow those ion the middle (like myself) to be able to have the lock boxes for a while and then once I've had my fill, auto-pass on them so I don't need to make sure I'm looking at a Lock Box instead of a peice of gear I might've missed.

Also, it's been mentioned that whenever everyone passes on a lock box that it just sits there "cluttering up space" -- literally. Perhaps there could be a condition in which if the lock box has been passed on by all players (via normal means or by an auto-pass feature) that the box would be "de-spawned" from the map. It might also cause less resources to be used for rnedering and the like (though I'm honestly not sure how much resources a drawing of a box would take in the grand scheme of things).

Thanks to the Cryptic devs for reading the rant of a legally blind lifetime player.

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