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Are you looking for experience? Companionship? Reliability? Legions of Vengeance have all that and more. We are a well-established fleet spanning from a multi-game community. Most of our players have been here since beta, so we have seen many changes. If this sounds like the right fleet for you, talk to us!

Some of the things we offer:

-Experience - We've been around since Beta, and seen a lot of changes, as well as adapted to them.

-Voice Chat - The in-game voice chat can be frustrating to some people, so you might like to know we have our own Vent server

-Multi-game community - Chances are if you play a game, so do we...literally. Anything and everything that sounds interesting, we dabble.

-Mature player clan - we have only 18+ members in our Vent server (and the fleet), so you don't need to worry about being 'choosy' while chatting.

-Fun and engaging chat - you won't be bored sitting around with us; our group is quite lively.

-New player friendly - We were all 'noobs' once, so we are welcoming to new players. We'll get you up to speed fast so that you can cruise along with us.

-Events - we have dedicated nights to all aspects of STO (PvP, RP, the new Fleet content, etc.)

-KDF 'sister fleet' - We have a sister fleet on the KDF side for any that might be interested in that, too.

If this sounds good to you, or you want more info, contact myself (Spencer@skipenguin) or Tru (Tru@TheTruLink) in game (or PM me on the forum) and we'll be in touch. We can give you vent info if you want to ask questions 'in person' too!

-Fleet Admiral Spencer Conrad
Legions of Vengeance

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