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tl'dr version:
add 5 for 1 and 1 for 3 *grinders* to the LockBox Ship Bridges with the appropriate Species.
(also one of these 2 day assignments that give you 1 or 2 white of that specific species)



Pro: Roleplay (i can get a Jem'Hadar DOff Crew for my Jem'Hadar Ship (but only if i have the Ship!))
Pro: LockBox Ships get much more interesting (at least for racist roleplay doffers like myself).
Pro: with GQ DOffpack discontinued and Ferengi Cadre supply stopping soon that would be a good way to get more of those DOffs.
Pro: another Dilithium Sink (one that i would actually use).

******************long version:


i have the D'Kora, the Galor and the Jem'Hadar Ship on different Characters.
my ultimate goal is to get them all to a 100% race specific Crew (BOffs + DOffs)

I want to roleplay with those Ships as if i were a Captain of that Faction who has joined an Alliance with the Federation (i won't wear their Uniforms, i won't display their Logo on my Ship but i fly missions for them... that kinda thing)

Galor Class = Easy
I can create a perfect Cardassian Captain / BOffs with the Alien Creator only a fitting Cardassian Uniform is missing i wen't with the Bajoran Uniform which funny enough is the closest thing to a Cardassian one in STO.
Can do the same thing for BOffs with Alien BOffs...

With the Cardassian Officer Exchange it is only a matter of playtime to get a full purple Cardassian Crew, it will take some serious time but it is perfectly possible.

D'Kora = Medium-Hard

Ferengi, bought the C-Store Species WAY BACK, now 2 years later i finally made a Ferengi Char with it, got my complete Ferengi Crew, got my Energy Whip, now that is fun!
Clothing, doesn't really matter here, i wish there were a few more Off Duty looking Outfits by now that i could also give my BOffs but i can make due with what we have, still feels a bit limited.

Ferengi DOffs: i bought about 50 of those Ferengi Cadres from the Exchange (i think that was all of them at the time) ...did not get one of the 4 named ones *hmpf*.
I got a LOT of Green and Blue, just a few Purple.
I have no way to grind 5 green Ferengi up for 1 Blue Ferengi.
If i grind them up, they end up to be a different random Species, i don't want that.
Almost all my Purple DOffs are from other Species, when i start my missions of course i use the purples first, so i don't get to see much of my Ferengi Crew in the end

With the Ferengi LockBoxes ending (finally!!!) the supply of Ferengi will die out soon too.

Getting Ferengi by free in-game means is not completely impossible, but they are hard to get and seem to be limited to a few Professions only, while the Cadre DOffs are more diverse.

But at least i got a few Ferengi Faces in my Crew.

Jem'Hadar = Impossible

Way back i made a fake Jem'Hadar with the Alien creator, the options are just not there to make it look real good. I just had to get the Ship for him, got it.

So... BOffs,
we now have ONE proper Jem'Hadar BOff in-game, and he makes all my fake Aliens look as bad as they actually look ;P

Can't wait for the Alt your BOff system now (of course i will need him to be the Captain of my 50? Jem'Hadar Bug Ship... so you better include a replace current Captain option for that System!)

not available by any in-game means
well, besides the hand full of special DOffs that i of course already have.
But i won't be able to get a 400 Purple Jem'Hadar roster.
GQ-Packs, Jem'Hadar in those packs were as rare as the Ship itself, now they are discontinued, so there is no more further supply of them at all.
Getting those on the Exchange is extremely expensive, and they are so rare that there are rarely more than 3 purple Jem'Hadar in there anyway, (and that is FED side, never seen one for KDF side).

***************my PROPOSAL:

Add one Ambassador (NPC) to the Bridges of the Galor / D'Kora / Jem'Hadar and any future LockBox Ships, where you can grind up 5 lower level DOffs for 1 higher level DOff of that Species, and the down grinder 1 higher level DOff for 3 lower level DOffs.

This NPC would only be able to talk to Players who own one of the LockBox Ships (much like you can only buy the Galor Class Wavedisruptors on the D-Store if you have a Galor) to lock out any random Visitors.

The demand for these Species is only high for Players who actually have one of those Ships.

I would even be OK if those DOffs that came out of the grinder were bound on pickup (the dil requirements for the assignment would be a bit lower in turn), but thats a Game Design decision.

The GQ Packs and the Ferengi Cadres are gone, i don't see a reason not to do this.

And it would make the LockBox Ships much more interesting for racist roleplay DOffers like myself ;P

I really fear that the next Ship might be a Breen or Tholian Ship, that would make it impossible to have a fitting crew for those Ships and therefore really lower my interest for them (not to mention i already have 3 of those...) :-(
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07-18-2012, 06:28 AM
Dominion Prisoner exchange can on rare occasions give you a Jem'Hadar. not often, but it can.

Tholian lockboxes are going to have Tholian Doffs as part of the loot table.

I can haz joystick!
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07-18-2012, 07:22 AM
I like the general idea behind the OP, though. Why not provide some mechanism for those people who have the lockbox ships to crew up with specific species?

But, generating a full set of DOFFs for each of those races which would never be used by the general community is not trivial. Accordingly, I think they should have to be bought with Dilithium or Zen to justify the cost of producing them. I do not believe that DOFF grinding is an appropriate mechanism.

And there's another issue... Tholians break the mold. There are no playable Tholians in the game, no Tholian BOFFs. Given what they are and the non-humanoid model, I'm not sure there ever will be.
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