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# 1 Same old bugs...really old
08-02-2013, 07:17 AM
So some background. I've been here since the first beta and these bugs are not new. I've changed computers two times since this game has launched and updated windows 3 times (completely new installs btw) Have a new computer and hardware to go with my computer on this model (built a new one essentially) and these same bugs keep cropping up.

Since it's well known that LoR brought in some money can we have someone look at these and finally squash them? I'm sure the producers wouldn't mind if you hired on some contractors to help get them out of the game since it is going on almost 4 years now since launch.

~ Load times for any of the pre-F2P screens takes forever (like the foundry) but the new ones like the fleet base, the dilithium mine, some of the ship interior (not all) goes really quick. Can we finally squash this and make it 100% the same all across the board?

~ Suddenly lose my keybinds or the keybinds change, or they suddenly stop working entirely. Now keep in mind this is while changing screens. I beam to a location on a ground mission or TW to the fleet base and suddenly the inventory button doesn't work anymore. I go to set it and it changes again, I go to set it again and it sticks but doesn't do anything when I hit the button. Very annoying.

~ Team and other chat channels just suddenly not allowing typing. One has to click on these things over and over with each new instance to get them to work. I have tabs setup for this purpose so I don't have to do anything but change my tab and the channel I want should allow me to talk in it. I shouldn't be trying to click on the channel to type in the middle of a borg battle in an instance because the game isn't working properly. again.

~ Still waiting on a Medic to beam down! Seriously ever since the Doff implementation this has been a problem. I have 2 count them 2 nurses (I used to have three) 1 purple and 1 blue. You would think a medic would beam down when I used a hypo. Nope. Spent about 10 minutes running from borg because my medic wouldn't beam down, AGAIN. As a Chief medical officer I shouldn't have to wait on squat. Can we get someone on that?

I really don't understand what's so difficult about Quality Control but some of these things are just plain annoying and should be your next bug focus because they get old after about 3+ years yeah know?!



one of your customers.
Is hoping that Isis is an adequate replacement for the Sensor Targetting Assault loss we'll experience in Season 9.
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# 2
08-03-2013, 03:37 AM
Sry for that one cryptic but i nearly gave up on all of this behavior of ignoring us......hardly fix anything but costumes in this game.....there are so many annoying bugs since years and new ones coming constantly that we should just stop playing......but....u know^^

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