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Originally Posted by stoleviathan99 View Post
The costume for the ships does unlock, however.

So get the Mirror Universe Star Cruiser (the Sovereign) and then pick up the C-Store Sovvie in a month or two and you'll be able to dress up the C-Store version as a Mirror Universe ship.
You make a good point, thanks for pointing that out. Can you elaborate what you know about the C-store sovereign? Can you provide a link?
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Originally Posted by drowrulesupreme View Post
So we Klingons have a new ship available from lockboxes that we didn't ask for. Please don't misunderstand, I like new stuff I wasn't expecting, and I like the ship look and layout (I think) but I have a concern...

In the Mirror Universe the Klingon/Bajoran/Cardassian alliance (referred to hereafter as the Klingons) did not exchange ships for cloaks with the Romulans. To reiterate, the Mirror Klingons have NO CLOAKING DEVICES. For the life of me I cannot remember the episode in DS9 where Quark and Rom have to steal the cloak from the Rotarran to give to Mirror Ezri to take to Regent Worf in exchange for Grand Nagus Zek but they did so because, and I feel I have to make this clear, the Klingons did not have the tech themselves and the Mirror Defiant did.

So, my concern is this... should the Mirror Vor'cha have a cloak and if so, why? By the same token, the Terran Empire in 2409 is a direct descendant from the resistance so the Terran ships could conceivably have cloaks (why, since they had the plans for one, which Smiley stole, would they not use it in all their ships?).

On a simpler note... LOVE the tholian ships, LOVE them!

EDIT: I realise after asking the question that the KDF could just fit their own cloak so I feel a bit thick but the question about the possibility of a basic Terran cloak still remains...
30 years is long enough for the mirror-Klingons to have stolen or reverse-engineered the cloaking tech themselves, especially since it seems that in more recent times the Mirror people have been stealing more Prime universe tech.
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Originally Posted by crypticgeko View Post
Yeah, whats so trek about a Tholian Web anyway.
LOL. Love you Geko!

I do think it's silly for either FED or KDF to be flying Tholian ships, but at the end of the day doesn't make me want to quit. It's an MMO, some flexibility and sacrificing "reality" for the sake of enjoying the game is necessary.
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07-18-2012, 08:01 PM
It would have made more sense just having like ship match like ship and making T-Empire ships more aggressive. The Enterprise was still the Enterprise in Mirror-verse; just that T-Empire used it for conquest instead of exploration.
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Originally Posted by crypticgeko View Post

Inversely, if you own a Mirror Assault Cruiser, you will be able to put the Mirror Universe material/texture on a Prime Universe Star Cruiser.
THIS is what made me happy.
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Mirror Universe Assault Cruiser

The Mirror Universe Assault Cruiser looks more like our Prime Universe Star Cruiser, but has more of a tactical advantage

I'm thinking something from the flip side designed for war or at least
has more of a tactical advantage
should have another chair to make it so
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Originally Posted by propagandist View Post
You make a good point, thanks for pointing that out. Can you elaborate what you know about the C-store sovereign? Can you provide a link?
Nobody knows... But based on a look at the differences between the Tactical retrofit, Heavy Escort Carrier, Fleet Heavy Escort Carrier, and a sideways glance at the existing sovreign and Fleet Sovereign that was on Tribble... It will probably be:

Standard Shields:5,300
Weapons: 4 4
Bridge Officers:
Lt. Tac, Lt. Cmdr Tac, Ensign Eng, Cmdr Eng, Lt. Sci (One of these could be universal. Standard thinking would be the sci Lt. but I think it will be the Ensign Eng replaced with Ensign Universal on the C-Store ship)
Device Slots:4
Consoles: 3 Tactical 4 Engineering 2 Science
(Although my gut says 4-2-3.)
Turn Rate:7
Bonus Power:+10 weapons power
+5 shield power
+5 auxiliary power
(I think these latter two might be replaced with a +10 to shields)

And... a special ability console. Which *I* think will be the skintight shields from Nemesis which I think, when equipped, will enhance evasion and turnrate passively while giving a shield buff. (Hence why I think it will differ from the fleet version by having an Ens Universal and Lt. Science instead of a Lt. Universal and Ens Engineering, have a 4-2-3 console loadout, and have +10 shields in place of +5 shield/+5 aux.)

What I'm fairly certain of are 7 turnrate (these don't change between versions of the Sovvie), 5300 Shields (2500 ZEN ships have 6% more shields than the stock T5 model which is more than stock and less than Fleet). It will almost certainly be a 9 console ship with a special ability console and a new 2409 costume.

Going off what makes the Sovereign unique, it seems awfully maneuverable for such a big ship and it had different shields in Nemesis. The various Sovereign costumes are close enough it shape that a console that makes the shields "skin tight" seems viable and I could see some technobabble for also making it maneuverable... so IF they went that route, I'd expect a combo shields/evasion tanking model, where shields are enhanced in a cool way, turnrate perhaps gets a buff, and it is given evasion of a much smaller ship to balance out for the low turnrate and relative inferiority of shield tanking.

Then again, maybe the console will be something relatively familiar like Saucer sep.

Or perhaps skintight shields could be something like a defensive variation of saucer sep.

For example, a toggle power for skintight shields that does something like this:

+15% Shield HP
+5% Hull HP
+10% Impulse Speed
+4 Turn Rate
+4 Dodge Chance
-10 Weapon Power
+20 Shield Power

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damm you devs

I loved flying my star cruiser and with this fancy looking turn rate i may have to get one of these
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so the Orb Weaver is just an Intrepid class costume with a fancy torpedo launcher and console?
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??m - Enterprise Tholian Webslinger (named per designer Doug Drexler's blog)
60m - STO Widow Fighter
70 to 75m - TOS Tholian vessel (type was never defined)
123m - STO Mesh Weaver
408m - STO Orb Weaver
871m - STO Recluse Carrier

Isn't the STO Widow Fighter an advancement of the 22nd centurey Webslinger? A Webslinger which managed to team up to web and destroy the Mirror NX?

Might the not-much-bigger, TOS Tholian vessel also be an advancement of the Webslinger which teamed to snare Kirk's 23rd century Enterprise in a web?

I'm wondering why the [Console - Universal - Tholian Web Generator] is only available for use upon the third and fourth largest STO offerings?

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