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OK so this is a brand new machine that i bought about 3 months ago. This is a high end gaming machine with quad core processor and 8gb ram.

With sto, google chrome, windows media player, and the background stuff running it only uses aprox 30% processor power and 40% ram, this is with sto running at max graphics, i also have more dedicated ram onboard my graphics card.

I had no problems running sto at full graphic setting on this computer until the release of season6. Since then the client keeps randomly freezing up my machine and leaving me with a forced restart as the only option.

The reason i know it is the client is because the laptop runs fine with no problems, and only crashes when sto is active.

Last 3 occasions
1. 5mins ago, i had had the laptop on for hours no problem, i log into sto client, go to exchange, i had not been on two minutes my computer licks up completly
2. i had been watching dvd's for over an hour no issue, i load into sto, play for a bit no problem, then suddenly my computer locks up again
3. Same as the ones above, but with only the client running.

Every time i am have to do these forced shutdowns, i am risking creating bad sectors on the hard drive of my new machine, how long does this have to go on before i decide the risk of damage is just not worth it to keep playing. I have submitted a ticket but given recentally i have had to wait over a week for replys i am not willing to deal with it for that long, so can anyone out there in the community help me pls.

The exchange bugs, lore bugs, and comm auth missions being taken down are bad enough. The bugs that have been around for well over a year and still not been dealt with are bad enough, but this is a real problem. Does any new content on this game get properly stability and bug tested before being released?
Join Date: Jun 2012
Posts: 22
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07-18-2012, 05:19 PM
Forgot to mention: My laptop is also mounted on a cooling base to provide additional cooling, and he computer temp is always well within safe ranges due to this, so it is not overheating issues. Turning down the graphics and turning off all audio in the hope it will help, make it look like i am playing a cartoon and kinda defeats the point of using a high end gaming machine specificly built for high end graphics and gaming usage, but what choice do i have?

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