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I've just introduced my friend to STO and after doing a few missions and getting a ship etc i told him to meet me at earth space dock by the admirals office. we were both stood there outside his door but couldnt see each other, although he could see if i sent a message in the chat window, but i couldnt see what he wrote back. what do we have to do to see and interect with each other?
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07-18-2012, 06:42 PM
You were most likely in separate instances, and new players can only chat in 'Local' (which will only be seen in that particular instance). One of you will have to go to the other's instance, since Zone chat is tagged with a instance number, it'd be easiest for the new person to go to you, they'll need to hit M to bring up the map and hit the 'change instance' button, then select the one you're in.

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