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i use this set, i love this set, great against borg, using just the weapon and shield is good against Tholians too, when you proc for "Jem'Hadar Shroud" Tholians are confused, walk up to you to look for your, then you pop them with Arcwave from the Compressed Cryo Launcher.

these newer sets imho are lacking, Jem'Hadar's are probably the most nifty but the "Crystal Woven" set is heavily lacking, especially if its to be believed that these are made out of Tholian Crystals.... if this is the case, why do i feel naked wearing these? i feel like i worked hard to get nothing. i guess the best combo would be, "Jem'Hadar PSG and Weapon with Crystal Woven Suit and Cryo Launcher" at least the Cryo Launcher has a decent base weapon, Pulsewave.
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Originally Posted by happyhappyj0yj0y View Post
If we ever get a Dominion faction do you really think we'll be farming Dominion sets from a mission where we have to go through the wormhole to get the aid of the Dominion and bargain with Dominion "enemies" for their respect and cooperation? Doesn't really make much sense, does it? That's not likely a series of missions that a Dominion faction, nor one with Dominion members, would be given access to. And moreover, as a Dominion faction they'd get access to Dominion gear, and their "ultimate sets" would dispense (with grind) via STFs like they do for the KDF and UFP.
Well, I imagine that the story can be rewritten to tell it from the perspective of the Dominion.

Keep in mind, the Dominion is actually 2 centralized power bases, the Alpha Dominion and the Gamma Dominion.
And while they work towards towards a common goal, they function independently of each

Given that the game is based in the Alpha Quadrant, your Dominion Captain would be an Alpha Dominion.

So, the mission could be rewritten along the lines of the Alphas having to contact the Gammas to resolve this issue to their mutual benefit.

And the Starfleet angle could be explained much the same way, you are negiotiating with the Federation to retrieve your Founder and they get their station back.
It's an alliance of convenience.

Also, it was stated in STO lore that the Alpha Dominion is not overtly hostile towards the Federation, they have a neutral stance.
So it's not improbable that they would work with Starfleet to their mutual benefit.

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