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I would like to have a ship that can deal high DPS, but can also, more mainly, survive in PvP. I have the MACO Deflector and Shield, along with the Borg Console and Engine. I'm using Phaser Beam Arrays x4 (fore) and Phaser Turrets x4 (aft) on my Odyssey.

I know the Odyssey has more weapons, hull, and engineering qualities (and lookes cooler too!). But, the Intrepid Retrofit has more shields, impressive science abilities, consoles, and Subsystem Targeting. I love both of them (I'm a Tactical officer too, surprisingly!), but can't decide between them. Also, I would probably run 3x Beam and 3x Turrets on the Intrepid, although I could run with some dual beams that favor my maneuverability (need more advice on this also).

My Science approach does me very well in PvP, and I would like some suggestions on my set layout, weapon layout, and my ship type (could go with something other than Intrepid) as well. Thank you.

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If you're a tac, I think the recent changes to tetryon weaponry will make a sci torp boat even better. For a starting point, I think a lot of people begin with Cygone's Intrepid boat build, which basically uses turrets and torps with two tachyons.
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Well the Sci Oddy is a Sci ship in name only, she is at heart a cruiser. But its probably the best Oddy of the bunch (I run it as my main ship which is a supporting healer, and run the Tac as a healer/CC boat for Fleet Blockade... yea I'm strange). In PVP that sensor analysis you gain from staying locked on a target is very useful since it takes a while to pound down a player's shields, also more weapons = more DPS.

Now I've not flown the Intrepid retrofit (I have the Nebula my self) but I've seen Fleetmates who have. Duel beam banks are nice on the Intrepid, they can also work on an Oddy (I have a single on mine to fill forward gap where my aft arrays can't help out).
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Thank you for the feedback. I also believe that the Sci Odyssey is the best. I like it because it is very flexible.
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if you're going to try to run an oddy in PVP, it can get rough if you don't have the chevron sep module. don't forget that a beam array oddy only has 70 degrees of optimal damage output.

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