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07-19-2012, 02:16 PM
is it me or do people not know what hypos are for?
do they know they can buy them?

every time i pug missions / pvp i see people dieing because they don't have hypos, i mean they are not that expensive, 320ec for 1 so stock up on lots and use them when u can

Originally Posted by cusashorn
Tactical: Shard of Possibilities and Security Team are more than enough to quickly kill one tholian, and divert the attention of many of them.

Engineers: turrets, mines, and shields.

Science: HEAL!
what he said, aka, use your skills

I wonder how some of you make it to lvl 50
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07-19-2012, 02:50 PM
They do respawn quickly at times. My main complaint is the mining crystals mission. I clear an area and then i start to mine the crystals. Im fine for 15 seconds then a tholian spawns and shoots me. The crystal mining window closes and i get about 5 crystals. Could we at least be allowed to finish the crystal mining and be able to do it without taking any damage or could the devs make a lot more of the crystal able to be mined. Because just once i was able to mine for a minute. On all of the other times (20) i cleared the whole area started to mine an as soon as i started i was attacked. And i noticed it is that way with other players too. They start to mine and a tholian spawns and attacks them within 10 seconds. Then the option to mine the crystal disappears and doesn't come up for other players.
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07-19-2012, 03:18 PM
Originally Posted by alax2011 View Post
is it me or do people not know what hypos are for?
do they know they can buy them?
Originally Posted by alax2011 View Post
every time i pug missions / pvp i see people dieing because they don't have hypos, i mean they are not that expensive, 320ec for 1so stock up on lots and use them when u can
Or just replicate the small ones. Which are considerably cheaper, and at least for me have worked just fine.
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yes the breen crm cold gun works goos so does the mark 12 antiproton minigun use them till you can get sonic antiproton minigun or the tholian mission dropped cold launcher . lots and lots of hypos are good to have cryo grenades are good too
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I went up to Hard no issues with my Colt .45 M1911A1... ahem, Disruptor Compression Pistol XI [Borg].

The damage from this pistol is actually, huge, esp with tactical buffs, that I had little problems taking out most non boss targets on my own.

You do however have to have good aim as the Tholian AI is quite good at dodging side to side.
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I've found the Sonic Antiproton Assault Rifle to be more powerful than the Cryonic pulsewave rifle that's part of the Tholian ground set. That weapon is weak in comparison to the assault rifle for one single reason: The assault rifle's shots don't lose power with distance.

Shotguns are only useful up close, but the Tholians themselves skitter around so much that it's hard to keep up. In this case, long-range weapons kill faster.
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07-19-2012, 10:07 PM
I'd keep it as a backup so you can use the set bonus.

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To be honest, surviving or not surviving isn't really an issue. I mean, it isn't an elite STF, it's perfectly ok to get killed, you aren't getting injuries. Heck, it can be nice to die if you are lost and it puts you back at a transporter.

The exception of course is the hard missions, don't respawn on those, unless your whole team dies.

Honestly, the Tholian stuff is mostly about getting and doing it quickly, especially if grinding for fleet marks.

That said, Tholians are mostly bad in large groups, individually they are a joke. As an engineer, when my phaser turrets proc and I get three of them, they can tear through a group of at least four of them without any fuss. Not to mention if I add in one (or three) Support Drones, my Horta, Seeker Drone and Quantum Mortar(s) (if using Fabrication Specialist) and my own damage, I can tear through a small army's worth of them in a short amount of time.

At least it isn't more Borg, folks.
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On my first encounter with Tholians I was using my MACO XI auto carbine. It did a respectable job of dealing with the spiders. I looted a compressed cryo launcher and I was disappointed. It's rate of fire was too slow and didn't hit as hard as I'd hoped. Now I have 3 and still contemplating deleting them. After that I started looting sonic weapons during the Tholian missions. As far as I can tell its a toss up between the MACO auto carbine and the sonic weapons. Since the Tholians don't adapt to your attacks I'd recommend using weapons with a high rate of fire. They just seem to knock them down faster for me. My tactical captain can usually tank many spiders before I get killed. Usually from too many flanking shots but that's my fault. Here's the kicker. I use the ferengi energy whip about 50% of the time and my sonic full auto rife the other 50%. The energy whip is the best bang for the buck as far as total damage goes. That thing reliably, consistently lights the spiders up for 100+ HP per hit. If you're buffed you can hit for up to 300 HP on a crit and it only costs 100 lobi crystals and anybody can buy one. Plus it has a stun/knockdown ability which is nice. I actually knocked the tholian leader down one night using it. That was nice. I decided to buy one when I saw a guy out killing me using an energy whip. Now I'm doing the killing.
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I find the compression pistols from the requisition packs are pretty effective. Hit the Tholians at range, 4 shots will nearly always drop an Ensign, sometimes 3 if you get them with the secondary fire, and possibly even 2 shots if you can manage an Exploit attack.

It rarely misses despite their strafing, which is more than I can say for the purple shotgun that's supposedly designed to specifically kill them.

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