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Hi Sir,

Is the 25000 Fleet Credit Bonus Pool, you can win with Tholian Lockboxes, also active on the Leaderboard ??

Because I Played a few games with it, and now it seems My amount on My Inventory is different then on the Leaderboard !

Thx in advance for your answers !

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07-19-2012, 08:49 PM
Easy way to check it out. Look at Leaderboard, then make a contribution that you know the value for say 250 Fleet Credits for 5 Fleet Marks. Then check the Leaderboard. If Leaderboard goes up 250 Fleet Credits, then the bonus is not included in Leaderboard. If it is higher, then bonus is included in Leaderboard.

There is also the Lifetime Fleet Credit award that is awarded for each contribution if this is the same as your Fleet Credit award, then the bonus does work on the Leaderboard.
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07-19-2012, 08:52 PM
no it does not affect the credits used to calculate leaderboard position as there is a set credit per action recorded in the fleet data. what it does is supply you with a 20% boost on top when the credit is recorded in your Assets. It will keep doing this until the boost is used up - so effectively you have 25000 fleet credits sitting there waiting for you. For example you do something in the fleet that earns you 500 credit, the fleet records that 500, but your assets record it as 600 and your boost pool reduces by 100.

This is the same functionality as CXP and Skill Point Boosts.

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07-19-2012, 10:07 PM
speaking of the fleet credit pools, has anyone figured out what category they show up in the exchange?
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07-19-2012, 10:09 PM
As it should be. Leaderboard is not a "game". Plus REAL contributions should be the mark. That way any real Fleet leader could see what's up and we wouldn't have to listen to a bunch of "OH, put some limits there!!! I want to be equal in a nameless fleet" Or the "I cant keep track of all the people in my uber fleet, by the way I rock, "

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VOTE YES ON MORE CONTROL OVER FLEETS!! We never wanted to run it ourselves!!!!

Silly, silly people.....

Sorry, to rant, I'm just so sick of hearing "Limit it so I can get a chance!!!", when really you should be smart enough not to be in the situation to start with.
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07-20-2012, 12:38 AM
What is this Lifetime Fleet Credit reward ? Because I have ssen it granted to me once, although I am not a lifer.
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07-20-2012, 12:53 AM
Originally Posted by sortof View Post
What is this Lifetime Fleet Credit reward ? Because I have ssen it granted to me once, although I am not a lifer.
It's money you get to keep as long as you have that character. (Aka "Lifetime")
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07-20-2012, 06:56 AM
OK I tried the new Fleet Credit Boost, but now the leader board dose NOT show any changes to my contributions it staying at 128,000 but I now have over 132,000 fleet credits. The leaderboard should still at least show my base contributions with out the modifier IE the leardboard should show my base 10 credits for data samples with out the + 2 modifier but instead shows NO contributions
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07-20-2012, 08:29 AM
Does it really matter if it shows up on the leaderboard or not?

Before I joined my current fleet, I tried to level my own, so now I have 300,000 Fleet Credits and only 30k Contribution to my current fleet. Its not a big deal not having it on a board for all too see, as long as I have my credits that I worked for.

I think I actually prefer seeing the base amount everyone has contributed, just because you opened a lockbox or twelve doesn't really mean you contributed 20% more.

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