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# 1 Some numbers to chew on.
07-19-2012, 10:24 PM
Don't know if numbers have been posted already concerning the upgrades to Tetryon and Plasma. Still, here's my little bit of enlightenment on it.

Shield damage from Tetryon proc is a little more than double. The common buyable Captain Beam Arrays from Memory Alpha are what I'm using as comparism. Before, the proc was 125 Shield Damage(Bear in mind the damage of the weapon is 169). Now, they're 261.

Plasma DOT base damage is up a little. Commander Beam Array from Memory Alpha. Before, 8.3 per second for 15, now 13 for 15 seconds. 13*15=162. The Wiki says the damage for the DOT at Mk5 used to be 127. So it's a decent boost. More dangerous for enemies against us, of course.

None of the skills state they raise Plasma DOT damage specifically.

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