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05-10-2013, 06:03 PM
Unable to access stores?No promotion!!Sick off the endless grind.Or maybe just new to the game.Then maybe just maybe we are the fleet for you.

Level 17 Starbase,Complete Embassy>>>>>>>>>Looking like less off a grind?

All we ask,is that you are willing to become an active member within our small fleet.
We don't do teamspeak,(just not us)We are available 24/7 in chat,to answer queries,help,and advice.

Our fleet rank is simple.......(once accepted to the fleet)your fleet rank will mirror your in game rank,allowing easy access to level appropriate gear.
We offer a no drama fleet,with good thought and selection of active projects,while maintaining our goal not to waste your resource's.

Find any member in game or email me @discovery67.

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