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Title says it all. I have one, haven't opened it yet. I know cruisers aren't the way to go for tactical DPS, but I don't know if I should use it. Maybe make a federation engineer who could?
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07-20-2012, 10:44 AM
It's just like the regular Assault Cruiser, but with a bit more crew. It works pretty well for DPS, as far as cruisers go. I run a single cannon/turret build with mine and haven't had any problems. It's pretty much an AoE support ship, using Cannon Scatter Volley, and Torp Spread to nuke anything in site. With a Tactical Captains abilites you can get a pretty good level of DPS, and you'll have the survivability to not really need to worry about dodging every high yield torpedo, you can almost sit still and laugh at them as they practically bounce off the hull. Just make sure to use you're healing buffs on friendlies.
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07-31-2012, 08:28 AM
Since I already have a regular assault cruiser.. is it worth the 500k on the exchange for the mirror version (200 more crew?)
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07-31-2012, 08:32 AM
I'm running a Tac Captain in the Mirror Assault Cruiser myself.
So far, I've enjoyed it. Mileage may vary

btw, it looks like the star cruiser and the extra crew is gravy.
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08-01-2012, 03:45 AM
Originally Posted by mb52 View Post
Since I already have a regular assault cruiser.. is it worth the 500k on the exchange for the mirror version (200 more crew?)
Do you want a Star Cruiser with an Assault Cruiser layout?

The ships are the cheapest ships in the game, 500k EC is a lot easier to get than 120k dilithium. But your buying a ship with a Yellow paint job that does the exact same job as your current assault cruiser.

Perhaps consider getting the more Sci focused MU Star Cruiser (Sovereign), and run a slightly more healy ship which would be good for the Fleet Events.
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