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The timer for the "Captain" sabotaging the base goes too quickly.

We are able to complete this objective (by a hair) on all races except Gorn, because their high HP and resistances make it nearly impossible to kill all the NPC's before time expires (before he finishes his sabotage and beams out)

This isn't a matter of low gear or anything, considering my fleet is decked out in Elite KHG ground gear, and we are well coordinated.

My solution would be - to have his timer start either once the shield drops (faster timer but starts later) or, have it start once the second groups beam in (keeping existing timer, but starting a bit later)

If you have no intention of fixing/changing this - please let me know
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07-20-2012, 08:59 PM

It's even better when you wipe the entire first group but the second bugs out and won't beam in until the captain is gone.
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07-21-2012, 11:57 PM
agreed... most of the time the captain beams out before we can even decloak the console, and this is with a veteran group. the timer needs to be extended by about 10 seconds
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07-22-2012, 01:55 AM
not only is the timer too short, but sometimes the guards spawn too late for you to have enough time to kill them then lower the forcefield.
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07-22-2012, 04:04 AM
Even worse.

If you die in the last 30-45 seconds of the prior phase, by the time you can respawn the cap's gone. Without all 5 it's impossibble. The need to force respawn everyone during the two cutscenes, (not that many dies in phase 1), just to avoid this issue.

Also the timers mostly fine for orions, (still very tight). But Klinks and Gorn, (the other two i've faced), have guards with sheilds or extreme health, (or both), which kind of make this non-workable.

That said care need to be taken. The large number of marks awarded in phase 1 makes it trivial to get 20 marks on this even if they screw up the other phases. Strictly speaking i don't see that as an issue. This fleet actions actually the best designed IMHO. Whilst it has more flaws than say Fleet Alert, it's nearly impossibble for even the most dorky group to so screw it up your left with just a half a dozen marks. Your not at the whims of being paired with an entire group thats screwing up epiclly. And unlike many of the space stuff you aren't required to use one specific build to be useful to the group.

That said, if you make phase 3 too easy it's going to get trivial for people to hit 30 marks, and thats going too far the other way IMHO.

EDIT: Colony invashion has the same issue times 10,000 on the colonist timers. You just can't burn through that many people that fast.

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