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# 1 {TMF}The Mnhei'Sahe Fleet
09-04-2013, 07:31 PM
Julan'tru brothers!

The Mnhei'Sahe Fleet is a all Romulan Fleet. We wish you to to join us in building on our past glory and honor. We will follow the Mnhei'Sahe way. We are Allied with the Federation & seek alliance with fellow Federation Romulan Fleets. We are new and will be opening up Embassies for our fellow brothers soon. We are in a new era and it is golden! If you are a true Romulan with a warrior heart, look no further brother! Answer the call....We are seeking 300 Romulan Warriors! Ambassadors & Counsel members.

"Mnhei'sahe is a central concept to Romulan culture. Literally, the words mean "Ruling Passion," though it sometimes is translated as "honor." Mnhei'sahe is much more than a code of honor though. It is what has shaped the lives of the Rihannsu since before the time of their journey from Vulcan to Romulus. To understand a Romulan, to know what drives them, one must understand mnhei'sahe. Though many outsiders often view Romulans as treacherous and without honor, an explanation of mnhei'sahe will quickly reveal that the Rihannsu hold themselves to a much higher standard of honor than any other species."

Fleet website http://tmfr.forumotion.com/

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