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=/\= Delta Force M.A.C.O. (Military Assault Command Operations) =/\=

Objective: Our Objective is to provide a fun place for all players to enjoy themselves. We do just about everything form fleet actions and accolade hunting to player verse player in areas such as Kar'rat.

What we look for in a player: In order to provide a good environment for our members we do ask that you please be mature. We do allow jokes comments but we also realize that not everyone humor is the same so what some might think is funny others might not find funny. So if someone says enough please be mature and stop. This is what we mean by acting mature. Treat other players like they want to be treated.

Starbase, Romulan Embassy and Dilthuim mine: We have rules regarding these. It is simple. You don't donate then you don't get anything from these. You must donate at least 100,000 wroth of items ((We monitor from total fleet credits earned on roster section of fleet)) before you can get anything. We have had incidents in the past where people have joined and bought loads of stuff and left putting out members who did donate out of luck and left hanging which forced us into this decision.

Starbase tier 3 (Currently upgrading to tier 4)
Engineering tier 4
Tactical tier 4
Science tier 3
Embassy tier 2 (Soon to be tier 3)
Recruitment tier 3
Diplomacy tier 3
Dilthuim mine tier 1
Trade tier 1
Development tier 1

Time Zone : As many people know time zones can be a ***** to say the least. Delta force M.A.C.O. is mainly American time zones but we have people from all around the world in our fleet. ((Got members from Britain Germany Austria Australia ect.)) So feel free to join.

Ranks in the Fleet : We do have a ranking system in the fleet based upon donations, fleet activity and the use of teamspeak. After a certain rank you get more privileges inside the fleet and we like to know who we are talking to therefore teamspeak is required should you want to rank up past Captain. Ranks include:
Lieutenant Commander
Vice President

TeamSpeak: As stated earlier we have our own teamspeak server.

Recruiters: For any wishing to join us please talk to one of the following recruiters.
There are more but list is very long. These are the main recruiters. If none happen to be online at the time please seek out anyone in the fleet. They will put you in contact with one of the recruiters or someone who can recruit.
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09-04-2013, 02:30 PM
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09-04-2013, 02:36 PM
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09-04-2013, 02:44 PM
I've played with these guys a long time and they're a very solid group. They know their combat, they're crafting, and of course, very enjoyable to be around.

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