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I need help in picking out BO powers for my Sovereign Assault Cruiser.
Tactical Ensign
Tactical Lieutenant
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Engineer Lieutenant Commander
Engineer Commander

I am currently a Beam boat with one Quantum torp forward and one aft and focused on DPS / Tank.
I have been loking around a bit but have hard time to decide what rank and what not.

All kind of tip and replay will be much apprieated

Thanks in advance
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07-18-2012, 04:52 AM

Tac Team, Torpedo Spread, and Beam fire at will.


Emegency Power to Shields x2, Emergency Power to weapons x2

With the above set up using Tac Team, and cycle Weapons and shield powers and voila - shields stay up most of the time at 100% facing on the side being hit and weapons power is always up high maximising damage.

I usually run my beam boats as 75/75/25/25 power distribution.

Hazard Emitters is also a must Sci skill to remove plasma fires.
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07-20-2012, 08:21 AM
Originally Posted by apulse View Post
I need help in picking out BO powers for my Sovereign Assault Cruiser.
Tactical Ensign
Tactical Lieutenant
Science Lieutenant
Engineer Lieutenant Commander
Engineer Commander

I am currently a Beam boat with one Quantum torp forward and one aft and focused on DPS / Tank.
I have been loking around a bit but have hard time to decide what rank and what not.

All kind of tip and replay will be much apprieated

Thanks in advance
I would suggest:

Tac: TT1 x 2, APB1 /or/ BFaW2
Eng: EPtW1 x 2, ET2, EPtS3 x 2, A2SIF3, one of your choice at Lt.
Sci: Hazard Emitters of some level, one of your choice (ST can be good, as can TSS)

Strategy: Rely on a cycle, here, of TT1, EPtW, EPtS, and A2SIF3. A2SIF3's cooldown is 15 seconds so you can have it in constant rotation, TT1 will have 2/3rds uptime, EPtW and EPtS will have constant uptime once you get it going. You should have these hooked to a keybind. Tactical Team will provide a constant buff to your damage and manage your shields more effectively and quickly than you could manually, A2SIF3 will provide a constant hull repair and hull resistance. EPtW1 will give a constant boost to weapons output, EPtS3 will provide shield power and shield regeneration, and depending on your exact skills you can tweak the base power levels on your ship such that both weapons and shields have close to 125 total power. Engineering Team will only be used in emergencies to heal yourself or a teammate, and note this will require you to break up your standard cycle, as it shares a cooldown with the other "Team" powers. Ditto for Science Team if you choose it for your science BOff. You may also want to use something to get the heck away from tractor beams, as I have at times had especially bad luck with Borg one-hit kill torps in my Assault Cruiser.

OPTIONAL: If you have a tactical officer (or any other kind, but tacs tend to really be great about Attack Pattern powers) you can get two purple Conn DOffs of the kind that knock down TT cooldown (be careful, there are other kinds of Conn DOffs) /OR/ 2 blues and 1 green. Note this will be EXPENSIVE. However, the payoff is that you get a "free" slot and can still constantly cycle TT, allowing you to slot in a combination of two of the the three - torp spread, attack pattern beta (Lt. only), BFaW.

Other suggested DOffs for this configuration include the other type of Conn officer (more rapid recharge of Evasive Maneuvers) and Shield Distribution Officers (chance of shield regeneration on Brace for Impact).


For consoles, stick three of whatever energy type you favor in the tac slots. Science slots should go to the Field Generator console in at least one slot when you can afford it. The other should go to an Emitter Array or another Field Generator. Engineering should probably have 2-3 neutronium alloy consoles of the highest level you can get (Mk XI blue is a very solid one). I personally use an RCS Mk XI blue or higher, but if you go for this only get one; more than one is a waste (many think even one is a waste, but I disagree, as it gives a small but noticeable boost to its agility for me). You may also want to stick the Borg Console in here whenever you get it.

Other options for the ENGINEERING consoles include having monotanium armor instead of neutronium (which can be advantageous as it protects against projectiles which are especially hazardous to the hull), or, if you want to lug around a ton of armor, you could slot it in to combat whatever specific threat you're facing. However, if this is the case you need to make sure you've got the right armor equipped before you get into a fight. Otherwise you're going to just have to suck it up and take a pounding or you're going to have to run, wait for the Alert status to clear up, swap the armor and run back in again. Not fun. Myself, I just throw in the neutronium and forget about it, especially since armor provides protection at diminishing returns. I would recommend AGAINST an EPS Flow Regulator - although many swear by it, it applies to a game mechanic that is obsolete. It is however useful for a FEW situations, most notably recovering from Beam Overload or if you swap around power levels in the middle of battle a lot, but unless this applies to you (or you use one of the other abilities that it helps with), don't bother, you're probably just wasting a slot. Similarly, Emergency Forcefields is probably useless, since your crew is basically made of explosive paper and spontaneously combusts en masse the second the slightest thing hits your ship.

For weapons, If you want to use a DBB, use only one, but I would recommend you consider using beam arrays. Of course, use the same type for all of them to maximize the console boosts. Acc is generally considered the best modifier, followed by CrtH, CrtD, and Dmg, in that order (if I'm wrong please correct me on this). The logic is that a few extra DPS will not help you if the beam doesn't hit the other guy in the first place, and Acc can "overflow" into CrtH if there is already 100% certainty of hitting the target.

For equipment, standard impulse engines should do you just fine. I recommend an [Aux] [Spd] [Turn] modifier, myself, but change to suit your own taste there, especially since the [Turn] modifier just isn't too spectacular. Combat impulse engines should also do well, and you may consider other engine types that are available (e.g. Efficient). The deflector should be a positron deflector array with modifiers favoring shield and hull improvements. The shields can be of your choice - I personally favored the standard shields, with Cap or Reg modifiers, although now that I'm more experienced I would also consider resilient shielding, and with a high shield power regenerative shielding may be helpful. Covariants are PROBABLY (not sure) best for escorts that come in, blow stuff up, and run away to regenerate shields.

Of course, if you can get a higher-end set, this all goes out the window as the set equipment is generally better than the standard equipment, and the bonuses make it even more valuable. Sets I would consider would include MACO, Borg, Aegis and Omega. I personally run (on my engineer) with three pieces of Borg (including the console) and the Omega shield, and on my tac (who uses an Odyssey mostly these days) with three pieces of Borg (no console for him yet). Although the Aegis gets a lot of flack (apparently it was better before my time), I found it to be very effective when I had it. I would NOT consider the Jem'Hadar, Breen or Reman sets, as they are fairly specialized or just not very good. The Jem'Hadar set in particular is biased towards some lockbox ships and (maybe) escorts, although it would be worth at least looking into them, as they may have specific bonuses if you want to do something unusual, although remember any set must be completely matched level-wise.

In general for Mk levels, get the highest you can - however, know that the differences are not utterly massive for the most part, so if you're just starting out do not think you're going to be obliterated if you have a Mk XI white neutronium instead of a Mk XI blue, at least for PvE, although PvP is an entirely different ballgame and if you're extremely focused on that you would do well to ask in the PvP forum for their opinions.

NOTE: This information is from a player who does not consider themselves the greatest player in the world by a long shot. Also, I have only got experience with an engineer and a tactical officer, so if you're science I can't help you other than to say you probably want a different deflector than what I'd recommend and may want Emergency Power to Aux for some of your engineering abilities.

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07-20-2012, 09:49 AM
A few more things I would like to point out: 1. If you are using torpedoes, and if those torpedoes are Transphasic, you may want to consider the Breen set after all, as its 2-piece bonus boosts transphasic damage.

Similarly, the 2-piece Reman set will boost heavy plasma torpedoes.

Jem'Hadar set is biased towards the Jem'Hadar Attack Ship and the Cardassian Galor cruiser, which are both lockbox ships. Other ships get a rather insignificant cone shield strip at 3-piece, whilst 2-piece boosts polaron damage. As the above poster, I do not recommend it outside a polaron-heavy (phased polarons are best, though you may want to consider supplementing this with polaron turrets if necessary) Jem'Hadar or Cardassian ship.

Nonetheless, the 2-piece set may prove useful even outside such builds if you were focusing on polarons, as it will boost the damage of this already damaging set. (polarons drain subsystem power considerably, and if it procs frequently enough it could disable low-powered systems altogether through this, especially if you are boosting Flow Capacitors)
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My Old AC build before the Oddy came out was the following:

Ensign Tac - Tactical team 1

Lt. Tac - Beam overload 1 and Torpedo high yield 2

Cmdr. Egineering - Emergency to Shields 1, Emergency to Aux 2, Emergency to shields 3 and Aux to SIF3.

Lt. Cmdr Engineering - Engineering team 1, rotate shield polarity, engineering team 3.

Lt. Science - Hazard emmiters 1 and transfer shield strength 2.

This was a standard build but could be rotated to include:

Lt. Tactical - Fire and will 1 and Attach pattern beta for debuff

Lt. Science - Polorize the hull 1 and hazzard emmiters 2 (for against the borg and there spam tractor beams.

Ship wise backed up with:

3 beam arrays and Q torp launcher fore and aft.

Borg engine
Borg deflector
MACO shield

Consoles engineering

RCS console, shield emmiter to increase shield power, Neutonium armour and emergency force field console

Consoles Sci

Field generator and Biofunction bed.

Tac consoles

2 weapon boosting consoles of choice and the borg console.

Yes I lost some DPS but I am an engineer I am not there to do DPS but to get aggro and survive to let the escorts do there thing! (my way of playing).

Hence the armour and emergency forcefield console to keep my crew alive and to help my repair rate by keeping the crew alive.

The Biofunction console regenerates my crew.

RCS to get a little edge turning.

Shield emitter and field generator to get the most out of my shields, but if they fail I have enough resistance to take some pounding until the shields come back up.

I am sure there are plenty of builds out there and mine is more defensive but I hope it helps you decide what works for you.

With current build on my toon and Doff's and boff's my power level settings are in the AC if memory servers:

Weapons - 123
Shields - 68
Engines - 62
Aux - 62

These are my happy sweet spot for power levels for my play style this will vary player to player.

Hope that helps?


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