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08-08-2012, 10:51 AM
They could have made another spinoff series of Star Trek set in TNG era and it would be a winner, but no they had to make a prequel. That is sketchy to begin with because you're making a Star Trek to capitalize on the franchise but that franchise has an established history of events, if you don't follow that history, you're doomed.
Enterprise took everything in the Star Trek canon and flushed it down the toilet.
Vulcans aren't really logical, they are paranoid manipulators that need to take drugs to be around humans because they think humans stink. Romulans whose nature is not supposed to be known until the TOS era and were flying around in nuclear powered sublight ships until they borrowed designs from Klingons at that time are instead flying around in advanced ships little different than the ones used in TNG era. The NX-01 Enterprise design a clear ripoff of the Akira with pylons inverted having an appearance that is more advanced than the designs that are to follow 70 years later. Scott Bakula as a ships captain, come on, why don't we just plop Howdy Doody in the captains chair, go away quantum boy and take your little dog with you!
Enterprise should have been about the building of the Federation and the Earth Romulan war, instead it was about stupid and much overused time travel in the Temporal Cold War and when the producers realized that was killing them they cooked up the war with the Xindi, all with alien parties never seen before or since.
Plus the obligatory nonsense of the token bimbo in a cat suit and things like the decontamination chamber, yes let's all get sweaty in our underwear and cover each other in vasoline, won't that be fun? Aw yuck...
No every episode of Enterprise should sealed into a container and fired into the sun and the producers behind it should go the same route.
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08-08-2012, 11:17 AM
Actually, thinking about it, I would say the absolute dumbest moment in Trek was the 2009 movie. I was looking for to an actual reboot of the series, I think that would have been a great thing, just push the reset button, take the general structure and characters of the original, rework it for modern audiences and aesthetics, add some new elements while tipping its hat to the old on occasion, and let it stand alone on its own merits. But instead we have a tenuous link to the old canon which seems to only serve as a way to crap all over it, plus the plot was just stupid and there were so many ridiculous moments.

It could have been so epic, but alas, JJ Abrams, I suppose we shouldn't have expected more.
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Originally Posted by drogyn1701 View Post
See its not that Worf was bad at fighting, it was just his bad luck that every time the Enterprise ran into an uber-powerful enemy, Rick Berman and his documentary crew just happened to be there to film it
Actually he had a bunch of seriously bad-ass moments too. The allasomorph fight ended with both parties thinking of the other as a skilled opponent, despite the fact that Worf's opponent was a shapeshifter who could make herself much larger and stronger with ease.

Then in First Contact he ripped a bunch of Borg apart by himself!

I can haz joystick!
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Originally Posted by kirksplat View Post
For me it has to be a scene in Enterprise after T'Pol attends movie night:

"Captain, I'm picking up biosigns. In the words of Dr. Frankenstein, it's alive!"

Even the most diehard of Ent supporters have cringe at that.
I am a stern ENT defender but that is an awful line.
Trek has cringe-worthy lines all over the place, not to mention retcons, throwaways, Kirk... it's easy enough to ignore.
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Originally Posted by red01999 View Post
IMO, Enterprise had the odds stacked way against it from the very beginning.

It came hot on the heels of Voyager. Mama Paramount was looking at it mighty carefully after Voyager alienated so many people. Plus, it had to be a prequel, so it had to conform to tons and tons and TONS of backstory, ergo lots of things we take "for granted" (e.g. knowing about the Cardassians, even) were things they simply couldn't.

They also needed to keep the technology still Star Trekish, but plausible - no mean feat, considering how barbaric the TOS tech was compared to the TNG tech everyone had been watching for the last 15 years. They had to preserve the "cool factor" of later ships (which supposedly outmatched the NX Enterprise) but have their own "cool factor" which says "even though I'm centuries behind I can still kick butt!"

So essentially they had EVERYONE breathing down their necks. As such they did not get the fair shake that TNG did, and by the time it came into its own it was too late. One might say "they messed up," and maybe they did, but the odds were way, way, WAY stacked against it, and further loaded by some questionable choices (like the very existence of UPN - there's a reason there is no more UPN).

I didn't watch Ent much while it was on (very busy time in my life), but I've watched some episodes over the last few years, and, really, it wasn't half bad. Had they the proper time and TLC I think it would have been a great series, but it just wasn't meant to be.

That said it may have been a wiser decision, from both a business and lore standpoint, to make a series about the Excelsior featuring Sulu. George Takai was, as I recall, lobbying hard for this. I was disappointed when ti never happened, and still kind of wonder what might have been there, as, while still a retro-series, it would have had a LOT more breathing room.
Enterprise was a decent "Sci-Fi show," it just didn't feel especially Trekkish to me.
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Okay... from the TOS era...

Whose idea was it to install a brand new intelligent computer directly to a Starship's power source and circuitry without an actual physical cutoff switch? One that the computer would have no access to just in case the thing goes mad and starts trying to destroy every starship it meets?
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It was the crazy scientist guy, he saw the computer as his son, if I recall correctly, so he didn't see the need for a shutoff because, in his mind, there was no chance for the computer to be flawed or do anything wrong, he saw it as perfect.
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Diana Troi crying all the time in TNG Season 1 .... Agghhhh!
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Originally Posted by sollvax View Post
Some of the "dafter" ones include

Spocks brain (whole episode)
the whole vidian concept (they are very very stupid they can make a whole klingon but not a whole vidian????)
The DS9 episode in the lift
Why can't ANYONE in Trek marry their own species??
Isn't the last comment raciest?
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At the end of JJ Trek, when Kirk jettisons the warp core into the singularity, and rides the "wave" out of the event horizon. 1) Dumping the warp core was only possible from the Ambassador class forward. 2) how does a shockwave escape a black hole, when not even light can?

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