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Hey guys!

Strike 5 Fleet has been around for a YEAR. A close group of friends who already knew each other started it. We've made alot of friends, and kept our fleet up. We are friendly and mature, hoping to grow our community with STO.

Tier 3 Starbase
Tier 1 Embassy
Tier 2 Dilithium Mine

We are proud to have been around this long. And We hope to welcome you into our fleet.

We have a website, http://strike5.enjin.com/home

We have a Teamspeak, info at our website.

We also have a mindset of, This game is more fun with friends. Sure, going out in to space by yourself may keep you entertained for awhile. But teaming up with friends for friendly pvp's is also very fun. Going into an ELITE PVE queue, Its nice knowing the people you are entering with are listening to you, and had a gameplan for everyone before we started.

We dont have a million rules. We dont care what class you wanna be, or how often you wanna play. We are having fun playing the game together, leveling up the fleet, our friends and our weapons together. Do we have an expert or two, yeah. But we never loose sight of this is for fun.

We alsoplay other games, we are big battlefield fans, we run a BF4 server, thats under 140th in the server ranking through Gamestracker. We have players who dont play sto but play battlefield, and vice versa. We are a community and We are hopefully going to be welcoming you soon. Any other games you play? Drops us a line!

Our fleet leaders can be found on our website and sto by these handles:

Find us on sto, or ask question on our sto forums.

Thanks for your Time


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# 2 Moving on up
05-22-2014, 07:44 PM
Xashan joined the fleet and used his new found compatriots to level up.
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05-25-2014, 06:54 PM
We've got 3 new members in a week. Our website and teamspeak are filling up. We hope to meet and play with more people soon. Are you guys gonna let the BF4 guys out number us STO guys? lol
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05-28-2014, 08:11 AM
LOL @ outnumber us!

BF4 is fun, but yah gotta love STO!!!
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06-02-2014, 03:07 AM
thought you'd like that. We are getting off task. So at this point its 4 new mebers since this thread began. Thats awesome guys. Keep em coming.

Look, Ive been at ESD and asked a question, the responses are always a bunch of A holes who love to listen to themselves. We want to give you a place to speak, a forum to ask, and a community to grow. If you think joining our fleet means you are gonna work for months just to be accepted... it couldnt be anymore different. We wnt help on our fleet just like you want help in making this game a BLAST!

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