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08-05-2012, 10:36 AM
Originally Posted by jelidan View Post
Poke fun if you want, matters little to me. I have no idea (obviously) about the relative values of different ships. At the moment I have 2 million EC so buying off the exchange is out of the question. I wanted a ferengi ship because I think they look cool and have a dabo wheel inside - how valuable is it? Not the faintest idea... Is it good in combat? Not the foggiest... but it looks funky and has a dabo wheel and would look good in my stable. I like collecting some of the iconic ships - Voyager, Enterprise, Defiant and so on because I like them. Not been playing the game long enough to have any idea about relative values and strengths etc.
And that's okay. Many of us are ready and willing to teach you, without poking too much fun.

Just remember what I said, there is a Lockbox Item Trades thread, for stuff like this. Who knows, maybe you'll find someone down on his luck that wants a mirror ship really bad. Or you have something else he wants, or hundreds of other things.

"He who asks a question remains a fool for five minutes, He who never asks, remains a fool forever."
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Originally Posted by wildmousex View Post
Since the Zen has already been paid for, I don't see why they would care one way or the other. The exchange is merely nothing more then a way for one player to trade their Zen to another.

And since you can set your own price for the Zen you are selling, the market price has nothing to do with your sale, if 200+ seems high to you as a seller, go ahead and sell yours for 10 dil each. I frequently undercut the market value on what I sell on the exchange to move it fast, but selling stuff I get by playing the game is a whole different animal to selling
what I bought with cash.

Usually it's the dil farmers whining about the market prices, not the sellers. so if I was preaching at anyone, it's them - you wanna sell your Zen, it's your $$$, knock yourself out. But those that think that they are entitled to my Zen because they sat around all day grinding it for free, in a game I pay for as enjoyment need these reminders.
Now that, I can agree with.
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08-06-2012, 01:12 PM
I have to say that although I first enjoyed the rewards from the Tholian box, I have quickly become frustrated.

I have spent nearly 100$ on master keys and used every single one... still no Tholian Carrier. I have about 12 mirror ships, 18 doff packs, countless amounts of phased tetryon weapons... eventually they are just useless garbage taking up my inventory.

Can anyone help me out on getting a Tholian ship? I dont have an energy cap increase so I cant even buy one on the exchange if I had the credits

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08-06-2012, 02:59 PM
The carrier does not come in the boxes, you buy them from the lobi store using the lobi crystals you get in the lockboxes. Double click on your lobi crystals in your inventory to open the lobi store. The carriers cost 800 lobi crystals.

Or, if you mean Orb weavers - well that is really unfortunate. I spent quite a bit as well, but I did get one. Good luck if you keep trying.
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08-06-2012, 03:01 PM
I wasn't aiming for the Orb Weaver and not really bothered as I was only aiming to get the MU ships. And after having 3 Star Cruiser 1 Assault Cruiser all I need is the KDF one to complete my collection.
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08-06-2012, 08:06 PM
Originally Posted by skaldra View Post
I have spent nearly 100$ on master keys
You know, there's such a thing as gambling addiction. You should seek help. Gambling is not the solution!

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