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The Klingon Universal Task Force (KUTF) is about to launch! We are a friendly and active fleet on the Klingon side always looking for new members. We still need a total of four more Klingon characters to join the fleet. If you have a character of any race and of any class on the Klingon side, (Requires a lvl 25 Federation character.) read the steps to below to join the KUTF!

1) Message me or epiccookieeater12 about joining the fleet either in-game or on the perfect world website. (If in-game, message epiccookieeater12.)
2) We will not reply until all of the slots have been filled. Please check your messages everyday.
3) When all spots are filled, you will be messaged by me or epiccookie to be on the game at a certain time, place, etc. If you can't make it there at that time, please respond immediately, and we will make arrangements.
4) Meet at the place at the time that states in the message. If not present, we will wait 10 minutes for you.
5) Epiccookie (Kamikaze) will invite you and the other 3 members to a group.
6) Wait until Kamikaze goes to the fleet administrator in-game and creates the fleet. You should automatically be in the fleet.

Please respond: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Klingo...age_fan_invite | www.seanmullis1.wix.com/kutfstofleet | www.twitter.com/KlingonUTF

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