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I've got my own personal t1 starbase with a t1 industrial fabricator but I've noticed in lots of fleet alerts etc that the basic no starbase, no facilities map shows up.

Is this system supposed to search which members of the queued team has the highest level facilities? if so I don't think its working, plus its frustrating to have invested so much time and effort into building something only for it not to appear on the map at all..
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07-23-2012, 09:38 AM
The Devs has stated the system picks a fleet base (tier wise) randomly from one of the Team members; so on a 5 man PUG team - there's a 20% chance it'll actually be your fleet starbase. Of course if you do a team with 4 of your Fleetmates, it's a 100% chance it'll be your actual fleet starbase setup.
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