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Haven't found anything yet and wondered if there is a list somewhere that lists by system the type of missions available. Would love to see a list of patrol missions so you can go from 1 to the next and kind of map out a patrol plan.

Also wondering if there's a list by sectors of DOFF missions. AKA I know the Shapeshifting lockets etc are only available in Cardassian space, Only seen a Defection mission (can't even remember where) in one or 2 areas. It'd be nice to have a chart or list somewhere with them but it'd be a pain to throw together I know.
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Originally Posted by beritpandion View Post
Also wondering if there's a list by sectors of DOFF missions.
No but each assignment has a list of sectors where it;s supposed to be available.

Using your defection example:

Hope this helps
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