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# 1 Serious Bug in CSE
07-20-2012, 12:29 PM
It happened to me (and to others) on several occasions since the last patch.

I set up a room for CSE, invite everyone, launch the mission and, right at the start, the "Leave Map" button appears at the top of the screen. As soon as I press any key (to shoot weapons, for example), my ship goes to Warp and leaves the map. No way to return into the specific game, even through the "Join Existing" tab because it queues me to ALL the CURE games while saying that I'm already part of a game.

This has to be fixed with priority #1 because it simply sucks to have STFs this buggy.
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# 2
07-21-2012, 10:59 AM
Ditto...same thing happened to me on July 21, about 1:50 PM eastern time US...in INFECTED space elite.

I was the creator of the private match.

Basically we get into infected, it gave me the leave map button bar at the top with a countdown timer (although ironically its not the same as normal...the countdown timer started at like 5 seconds not the normal 2 minutes or so)

As soon as i engaged...even though I was in red alert... it warped me out to the orbit of DS9 (where i started prior to the queue creation)

Should mention as well that as a result i had no cooldown timers on any stf, but because the ability to find your private room (which had a unique name) has never worked right i couldn't join back up with my team mates.

Two more points if it helps narrow down the problem.

I was also teamed with all of the queue mates, and after leaving the map was still teamed with them

I did log off/log on after leaving infected space to see if it would drop me back into the same map as my teammates but no go.

If anyone else has this problem please post as much details as possible in this thread....the glitch itself could be tied into something particular i.e. it might be that being teamed and doing a private queue causes it. If we do narrow it down we might be able to find a work around until a patch fixes it


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# 3
07-22-2012, 07:04 PM
I can safely say that being teamed is not a requirement for this bug because my mission was made up of people I invited to the match on the EliteSTF channel, i.e. not in a "team" prior to launch.
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# 4
07-23-2012, 08:00 PM
It's happened again twice to myself and some of my peeps....

Here is a question - Were you (or anyone else) in orbit around DS9 or any other planet/starbase? At least for us...that's been the common variable whenever it has happened.

No problems when all queued players are on the ground and as far as we can tell in sector space.

Questimation - one of the last few patches seems to have added this thing where your ship goes into warp 'on route' to your stf destination...similar to your player beaming out when on the ground.... unless I'm completely oblivious that hadn't happened in the past...you just...transitioned...no special effect.

If this is the case and this is a new thing, could this be bugging out the STF map? Is that warping effect causing some sort of trigger to re-engage the warping effect a second time?

just a thought....but in short since then we've been queuing with all of our people on the ground we haven't had the problem. That said, we'll be doing some serious grinding Wednesday for the KA bonus day...so we'll be running enough STFs that we might encounter the bug again...
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# 5
07-23-2012, 11:13 PM
Indeed, I usually run STFs from space (DS9 system map) because reloading the base's map every time takes too long. So there might be something there. The fact of being in the system map could have meaning.

And yes, the "warping to STF map" is a new thing since last patch and it pisses me off completely. Not to mention that it might very well be the source of the bug, as you say.

I'll try running STFs from inside the base from now on and report back here on the difference it makes.

But, sadly, as long as no devs are acknowledging their interest in our discussion here, we'll have to live with the findings without real hope for a fix anytime soon...

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