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07-23-2012, 06:35 PM
Hello World!!! I can post on the forums again! I missed you alll...
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# 12 "No Fun Scenario"
07-25-2012, 03:13 PM
I have to strongly disagree with Eklinaar in the No Win Scenario talk (32:30). While having difficulty is one thing, nigh impossibility just frustrates people. Gozer has specifically said he intended for it to be beatable and that's why he added accolades and player titles for beating wave 10. Borticus said that the reason it is at the difficulty level it is now is because they want people to get a certain amount of fleet marks per round -- thus most people are supposed to lose after 4 or 5 waves (getting 10-15 fleet marks). Very simple work-around -- have the waves last longer. The up-to-2-minute death penalty timer should MORE than make up for this. Personally, I'd be fine if they just removed or nerfed the bio neural warheads which act as a one-hit kill. It makes no storyline sense whatsoever that this freighter is just being attacked repeatable from non-mobile platforms that happen to be surrounding it -- there are much better fixes than this to prevent people from making "too much" fleet marks (where something as simple as a longer cooldown after playing it might suffice, say 2h instead of 30m).

Take the elite STF options as examples -- getting all 6 of these unlocks a special costume for the Mk XII MACO/KHG/Omega sets. These may take many tries with pugs but be doable with a pre-made group who is familiar with it. *This* is the case and is a model example of the kind of difficulty it should take.
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