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The Banished Orion Girls are once again recruiting!!


ALL ranks and levels are welcome! Ask about our weight loss program! Have your ass shot off with us today! Accepting Orion Female only. As seen on TV!

Our fleet is a close nit community of Orion females. We're well established as being some of the best STF runners in the quadrant. We're highly active in PvE, as well as PvP. Our Fleet officers are dedicated in helping others learn the ropes of running STFs, missions, collecting Borg Proto Tech, stratigies, class builds, ship builds, and more. If we don't do it, no one does! After a tiring day at work of killing Borg, you can find us dancing and celebrating with the wonderful music and DJ's of Subspace-Radio.Net and Kirtang Pirate Radio.

Our fleet of friends has been well established for thee years. We consider ourselves to be a light role playing fleet. (NOT to be confused with ERP).

Looking for the best?
Looking for different?
Looking for sexy?
Looking for devoted?
Looking for fun?
...you're found us.

Fleet Holdings
Starbase T-5
Spire T-3
Dilitium Mine T-3
Embassy T-3


Also ask about our newly developed Banished Android App!!


While in-game, contact:

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