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# 1 Mining Problems at Nukara
07-23-2012, 03:19 PM

Trying to Mine Crystals at Nukara, but something attacks me that prevents mining, and it isn't the Tholians.

Not sure if this has to do with player Cloaks, but when I try to mine, I run into something that you can sum it like a static charge that stops you mining. You are at Red Alert only for a split second, which if it was an NPC attacking you, the Red Alert will go for a full duration.

So even attacked by Tholians or running into this bug, prevents you from mining the full ammount and limit you to 5 or 10 crystals. Which is extremely frustrating due to the mission goals of 375 and 500 Crystals.

Personally, mining doesn't belong in this zone due to being constantly attacked.

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