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07-24-2012, 05:59 AM
Originally Posted by warbird001 View Post
Well since Cryptic lied about the Ambassador, Steamrunner, Norway and Vesta Classes which were supposed to be added to the game in Season 6. It really does not take that much work to re-use models that are already in the game.
ambassadors coming in a special mission series that involves it. and as for stuff they promised in season six. just because its the launch of season 6 doesn't mean they put all the content out for it yet, they do iti n waves until season 7 is announced.
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07-24-2012, 06:52 AM
The Miranda is the only one of these ships which was still in active service Canonically at the end of DS9/Dominion War.

But it's reasonable that its only use is being a Cargo Tower, it's not something I would want as a flagship of my fleet.

Be realistic, Would you want an NX / Oberth / Conny / Miranda as the symbol of your fleet?

While we're at it, lets get an Antares Class

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They were used as survey ships, personnel carriers, flying labs, and even small freighters in the 24th Century.

Reason why it's not a Tier 5 isn't even because of how old the design is though. It's the fact that it's not made to go toe-to-toe with larger ships. I mean in Star Trek III it took a direct hit to its Engineering section and was destroyed by a B'Rel Bird of Prey. In First Contact you see a few fighting but they're not doing anything to the Borg Cube they were up against. They're not built to fight.

Refit Constitution not being Tier 5: Plain, pure, simple. CBS said 'no'. So we're never going to see one.

NX as Tier 5: Certainly not. the thing was made back during Starfleet's early days. Same with the TOS Constitution.

Miranda Class: Though versatile, is as old as the Refit Connie. I would figure at this stage, they're simply out classed and out gunned saved for simple missions. Most of them took on the role of the Oberth. Being science vessels and the like with a little more. as even in Star Trek IV, the Saratoga was acting as a Patrol vessel when it got disabled by the Alien Probe.

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Originally Posted by warpedcore View Post
New ship built to look old. It's not a proper NX-class. It just looks like one. Hell, for that matter they could do a 2409 skin job on it, name it another class and give us a T5.
No I understand they wanted it to look like an NX on the outside but be a complete new ship on the inside. I just don't understand anybody seriously doing it in a real life scenario. And than sending it out. It would be like using Phoenix replica's as shuttle craft (and while it makes a cool pet) I wouldn't expect to see them flying around the vault.

Nowhere in the history of Starfleet have they released a mark two of a ship. And no the Constitution A doesn't count here.

It would be like replacing fighter jets with Spitfire Replicas (or P51's, P38's what ever your favourite prop plane is) but with a central jet engine instead of a prop.
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