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Sorry if this is a bad post format for this forum.

I am a returning player looking for a fleet of no more than 150 members, and no less than 30 (active) members. Maturity is important, not in the 'can't have fun' sense where sharp language or jokes isn't allowed, but in the drama-free sense.

I prefer RP, if any, to be light, and a strong community within the fleet. I don't want to see a roster of 100+ people where every person can say they know only 5-10.

Complicated promotion/ permission etc. systems just to be able to purchase a gun isn't my thing. Something more organic and flexible, and most importantly, out of sight, is preferable.

About me:

I am 28 years old, and from Norway. Though I'm in a European time zone, I often play during US peak hours, but not always. I like proper group play using TS3, and while I'm still no ace in STO by a long shot, I am looking to learn and develop my skill.

My original main is a Tactical escort carrier build, but I changed to science and am still playing heavy escort at 50, with a Tetryon full heavy cannon build, and decent support utility. I plan to switch to an S'Golth escort in the future, just waiting for the raised level cap to see if anything new pops up before I take the plunge.

I would say I'll likely play around 4 hours per day for now, which is likely to grow.

Also, I currently lead another gaming organization, which is waiting for Star Citizen. So I am likely to introduce friends to whatever fleet would be appropriate for me/us.

Thank you for your time,
Lofty / Merc

(in game: Vivienna@mercurythefirst - do not send me any invites before talking with me please)

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