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# 1 Queuing shader loads...
07-24-2012, 10:26 AM
Although I like every aspect of this terrific game, the thing is that I never get it to load properly! The game always gets stuck on "Queuing shader loads" when I look at the console... and it gets stuck there.
Finishing loading for all resources... done. (0.05)
Validating all resources... done. (0.04)
Removing unused resource status... done. (0.03)
Registering primary rendering device... done. (0.01)
Client ready (24.84s load time).
Skipping login because ticket was provided on command line
Starting shader pre-loading...
Queuing shader loads...
Whether I set my textures below 75%, switch between windowed and fullscreen, force verify, I can only get in the game in safe mode. After which I can set the visual settings to my liking. I've tried with both the stock Windows 7 driver, as with the latest ATI (Radeon x1950 Pro) driver, but that doesn't make any difference.

Anyone got the same problem?

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