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# 1 Logging back in
07-24-2012, 04:21 PM
Why wont the game save my username for when I log back in?

When I get to the screen to login the username is the old cryptic one I used before PW had me link my account and I have to change it.

I know it's only a little thing but it's getting on my nerves now.

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# 2
07-25-2012, 12:45 PM
Anybody got any idea how to fix this?
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# 3
07-25-2012, 04:37 PM
no idea, same thing happens to me.
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# 4
07-25-2012, 06:05 PM
I reported this a long time ago when they FIRST did the Cryptic/PWE account mergers. Yet, this still remains to be an issue. My old ticket was even closed with them telling me to clear my IE cache....

Hey PWE/Cryptic, I have since partitioned, formatted and re-installed my OS and the game and you know what? This is still an issue.

So.. that means this information is not being saved on my computer and there-fore this is an issue on your end that has been ignored for several months now.

Customer [omitted] via CSS Web 01/13/2012 04:17 AM
I am looking for the file in which the Game Client store the account name on my computer. The problem I am encountering is now that I have merged by PWI and Cryptic Accounts, I now log have to log in with my PWI account name. That is fine - the problem is that when I Log Out of my character in Star Trek Online, I am displayed my original Cryptic Username.

No matter what I do, I cannot get the game client to stop from displaying my original Cryptic Username. I have tried deleting every file in the STO installation directory, except for the /Data/ folder and contents - then let the game repatch to see if that would clear it. Sadly, this latter attempt did not work either.

For some reason, the client is not saving my PWI Account Username over my Cryptic Username in the game client's Log In Field.

I have tried unchecking the option to save, clearing the fields, and closing the client.
I have tried unchecking the option to save username, logged in with PWI Account, Logged Out.

Whenever I *DO* get it to clear the username field, as soon as I check the option to save my username, my original Cryptic Username reappears in the log in field.

Again, this is ONLY the game client log in field - which affects switching characters severely.

SO.... MY QUESTIONS IS: Where on my computer is the game client storing my old Cryptic Username for the Log In field? I would like to delete this file so that when I have to switch characters, it will remember my PWI Username instead.

Thank you for your time!
Auto-Response 01/13/2012 04:17 AM
The following answers might help you immediately. (Answers open in a separate window.)

Title: Product Key Troubleshooting FAQ for Star Trek Online and Champions Online
Link: https://support.perfectworld.com/app...tail/a_id/3999

Title: Recovering your Cryptic Account Name / User Name and or Password
Link: https://support.perfectworld.com/app...tail/a_id/3966

Title: Champions Online Free For All: Creating an account
Link: https://support.perfectworld.com/app...tail/a_id/3965

Title: What is the Star Trek Online Referral Program?
Link: https://support.perfectworld.com/app...tail/a_id/4006

Title: When I start the game client all I see is a blank white screen, how do I fix this?
Link: https://support.perfectworld.com/app...tail/a_id/3995
Response GM via Email 01/17/2012 01:44 AM
Please try clearing your IE cache and cookies, then make sure cookies are enabled.

You may be able to find further assistance at the tech support forums:
Star Trek Online Game Client Login Account Name Field
Uhm... This was never solved.

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# 5
07-25-2012, 06:53 PM
Originally Posted by zebular View Post
Uhm... This was never solved.
They autoclose. Reopen the ticket with a mention that it did;t work.
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# 6
07-28-2012, 06:55 AM
So I reported this to support, no solution yet and I've ended up with a new problem.

I can't view any of my support tickets. Keep getting this webpage:
Which says:
Permission Denied
Illegal parameter

So now any reply from me has to be a 'New ticket'.
I'm not having a good day.....lol
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# 7
07-28-2012, 09:18 AM
Different Problem but actually the same issue with the ticket in which I requested an email change last week (some problems with the ending at yahoo mail). Since today I always get this error message when I'm trying to view my ticket...
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# 8 I must be stupid or something
07-28-2012, 02:47 PM
It would be so nice if the support staff would actually read what I type in the tickets I send them and not the first sentence then copy and paste an incorrect answer to me.

I've given them a full step by step of the problem and told them it happened in game, they asked me if I was talking about the website.

I'm never going to get an answer if they don't take the time to read the question....lol
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# 9
07-30-2012, 05:45 AM
Anyone else having this problem this can try the following steps supplied by support before submitting a ticket their self's.
I'm going to try them myself and will report back if any of them work. Hopefully something here will cure this problem but I have already tried uninstalling and reinstalling so not sure if I'll find a solution.

Originally Posted by support
The issue may be with your client. It may just be best not to use that feature.

We suggest that you try the following to try and remedy the problem.

Please try the following and see if they help resolve your issue.

In the Launcher, go to Options and check 'Disable On-Demand' patching. See if this works.

You can then try to 'Force-Verify' to make sure your files are not corrupt or missing.

You can also try to run in Safe Mode as well.

Here are some other possible solutions if you have not already done so:

Make sure the game and your drivers (graphics, network, sound, motherboard, etc) are fully updated.

You may have to be on a Windows Admin account, or have Run as Admin access to be able to download, install, update, and run the game. If on Windows Vista or 7, you may have to change the level of your UAC settings or turn them off temporarily.

You can try adding the game folder/files to your exceptions list in your antivirus and firewall software. Please see the help menu or support website for the software that you use if you aren't sure how to do it.

At your own risk, you may have to disable your antivirus, firewall, and other security software temporarily while you download, install, update, login to, and play the game. Sometimes the security software will block it or throttle it, no matter what you try or even if you try to add exceptions for the game files in your security software.

Stop any processes that may be interfering with the networking and causing issues with your connection.

Remove/Uninstall any unnecessary programs such as toolbars or Pando Media Booster. You may also need to close programs such as Teamviewer.

You may need to uninstall the game, making sure to remove any excess files, then re-install it.
Originally Posted by kevpoll
I asked you where the username was stored, my computer or your server, and you did not answer the question.

PLEASE can you tell me the answer. I'll even be happy with 'I don't know' as long as I get an answer.
Originally Posted by support
Your account information is stored on our servers, but if you choose the 'remember me' option, that data should be stored on your computer.
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# 10
07-30-2012, 10:05 AM
As I said before, this issue with our usernames reverting back to the cryptic name when ticking to remember the username is NOT USER-SIDE. Why Cryptic/PWE Support continues to tell players that it is, I do not know.

I know this for a FACT because I have since REPARTITIONED AND FORMATTED MY COMPUTER. The first thing I did after installing STO was type in my PERFECT WORLD USERNAME (I have NEVER typed in my old Cryptic username since the Formatting and Installation) and low and behold, when I log out, what is displayed? MY CRYPTIC USERNAME.

Furthermore, I just installed STO for the first time on a brand new machine that it HAD NEVER BEEN INSTALLED ON BEFORE. What happens after logging out? MY CRYPTIC USERNAME is displayed instead of my Perfect World Username even though I HAVE NEVER ENTERED MY CRYPTIC USERNAME on that machine either.

So... Something is wrong ON YOUR END or something that ONLY YOU CAN REPAIR, Cryptic/Perfect World.

Another report submitted:

Thanks for submitting your question. Use this reference number for follow up: #120730-000336
Additionally, it does this in the Champions Online client as well.

Thank you for your time.

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