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Originally Posted by sameriker View Post
I would NEVER have seen this as an insult. "Kids" is an insult? I am 20, think of myself as an adult and handle myself online as an adult. Even when people are being trolls, I try maintain a certain amount of respect in case it is in jest. Maybe a Cryptic or PWE might get offended by this, but I read the whole thread and tacofangs didn't appear offended back on page 2. Why should any player? I have seen messages written on forums and email from people I know are older than myself with typos, lower case, and sounding very much like an 8 year old.
Maybe not if you're 20, but I imagine there's also a mature fanbase (in terms of physical age) here as well. Imagine you're 35 or something, in the work force for over a decade, and are told by some random person you don't know that you're just a kid who might have a chance if you ever finish college and then you can get a REAL job.

As for myself, I'm not a dev, but I take offence to people who talk down to people who aren't even there to defend themselves. And the post seemed to be at least partly directed to the devs. On the other hand, the topic clearly states the error is in 'your' tutorial, and posted in this public forum.

Even if I didn't make it myself, someone coming up to me and complaining about all the things that are wrong with 'my' game when I didn't even make it would irritate me too.
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Originally Posted by sameriker View Post
I am sad there are so many cynical people too. I believe the world is filled with some pretty awesome people as well.
True, there are some amazing people out there, but you are not the majority.

If the world wasn't filled with idiots,
crack cocaine wouldn't be so popular,
no one would die trying car surfing,
there wouldn't be a warning on your coffee cup stating that the content may be hot,
street gang violence wouldn't be as glorified,
young children wouldn't be left alone without supervision near a swimming pool,
youtubers wouldn't put vids of how stupid they can be while speeding on the highway,

If the world wasn't filled with idiots, there would be no Darwing Awards

Yes, I am cynical, what can I say, it's the world in which I live in.
Had I been lucky to be born and raised in a smaller town, I may have grown up with hope towards the human race, unfortunately, from what I've seen, the world is filled with idiots, not everyone is, but a lot.

P.S. I never said everyone who plays STO is an idiot, what I meant to say is that they need to dumb it down to cater to idiots. Its the lowest common denominator. Do you think that someone who doesn't get "it" will spend cash on STO??

EDIT: Closed as this is a necro thread (over 30 days old with no replies) ~BranFlakes

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