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# 11
07-25-2012, 07:13 PM
I technically am one of those "runners", but it's ok, I only run with the same group of people, and we just find it easier that way. Two of us go ahead and grab everything (one guy to grab stuff, other guy to distract the mobs), while the other 3 clear everything... works more often then not, usually depending on which species spawns (I hate Undine...), and we usually get 3/3/3...

But in PUGs, definitely dont do that, no guarentee the 3-4 left behind can handle that...
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# 12
07-25-2012, 07:46 PM
The mission isn't about not dying as you waste the enemy.... Its about earning points for acheiving goals. Running is about getting those pesky goals out of the way so your team actually earns points for their effort. Let's face it... it's NOT worth it at all if you wipe out the enemy without dying once if your team earns no poitns because you failed all the objectives.

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# 13
07-25-2012, 09:02 PM
This posting is based upon my own experience in the Colony Invasion event. As such, they might not reflect the experiences of other players.

I typically do run ahead of the group using a combination of stealth tactics, and can both rescue the colonists and diplomats, while downloading the data from the various terminals. Occasionally this has lead to problems where I can't sneak by a group of enemies and consequently am unable to secure the objective in question (person/terminal "x"). However, this has been the exception as opposed to the standard.

I have found in the instances (but certainly not all of them) where I do stay with the group right from the beginning, more lives are lost and data stolen. So I don't agree with the argument that having someone covertly trying to secure the objectives harms the group.

There certainly will be instances where the one or two people running ahead will be unable to achieve their objectives, but there are also instances that when everyone stays together, certain objectives will be lost as well.

Also of note, I have yet to be in a group (whether people stick together or not) that when team members fall, others consistently move to revive them. It seems like people are too impatient to wait to be revived, unlike in most ground based Special Task Force Operations.

If people were more inclined to wait, then I could see how by having one or two people running ahead could cause severe problems for the team as a whole if they are taken down.

As I stated at the beginning of this post, these are just my own experiences. I always keep the chat window open, and try to communicate with others. But the complaints that I have seen in this thread so far, seem to contradict my own experiences.

That said I am eager to hear more on this matter, which might very well lead to a change in my own tactics for this event.

It should also be noted, if a group agrees to a certain strategy, people should follow through with it. Teamwork is key in any group. Whether that means fighting as one large group, or having three of four people battle the mobs, while one or two people sneak ahead to secure the targets in question.

Take care all.
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# 14
09-12-2012, 10:57 AM
the best way to do Mission: Colony Invasion IMO.

is to kill the enemy trying to take the data from computer , and rescue the colonists and do so quickly as there on timers . do not try to beam the diplo out if you or they are under attack "as you will not get points" if either you of he is taking damage . one should run ahead and get the second pc while no enemy is there it's ez-er this way , and get the waving npc on the corner . the next npc is the 1/2 way mark on the map and you should not pass this point , but a tac with shards of poss & security team can get this npc with out taking damage , as well as a eng with a shield . after this npc is saved you should return to the group and help kill ! DO NOT KEEP RUNNING THRU TO END !

when all bad guys are dead and team is back together you should move as a team past the 1/2 way part and 1 player should go over the wall to last diplo "beam diplo at max range so you don't draw argo from bad guys close by", and one player should go to last computer before the bad guys spawn to try to take that computer again this is the easy way to make sure you get the points is to take the computer befor the bad guy that steals the info even spawns. ,as those both are completed only the one npc is left on the ground across from the last computer and with 2 players if the area either can get him . again do not beam out the npc if you or it is being attacked , then move to the others and help kill .

once all the bad guys up to and around the last computer are killed go in to the back alley and kill Mook , once mook is dead you only have the last group to kill. and your finished

as long as no one tried to beam out a npc while under fire your score should be 3/3 3/3 3/3 and points for mook . max point run .. and very easy to do .

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# 15
09-12-2012, 12:09 PM
I tend to stick with the group. It's just easier to provide fire-support and tail security, esp. when the baddies will beam in on our six.
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# 16
09-13-2012, 09:27 AM
Oh that is right, the dying penality if soooo harsh in this game that it is very *VERY* not cool to die and those players are pesky egoists to give you all objectives.

Irony asside 99% of the groups can't get 100% success on this mission just blasting mobs on the way so i'll keep running away ... and most of the time doing the killing job behind too because your DPS sucks.

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# 17
09-13-2012, 10:06 AM
The problem I've had with this mission is I almost always get on a team where one person just sits at the spawn point and doesn't move to help us at all. They are, however, able to vote on all drops that occur and are usually the first or second person to do so. The most annoying thing is that they are almost all from the same fleet. However, with the right players, we almost always get everything done and rescue all.

Everytime this has happened, I've filed a report to a GM and I've asked everyone else to do the same thing. I wish Cryptic would do something about this. I'm tired of runnig around killing everything so this person(s) can just be a bot and not have to do anything but still get the rewards.

As for the topic on hand, I usually do what the group does. If someone runs ahead and tries to save all I'll go with them and distract the enemies. If no one does I go up to the second console and get the data and save the people and then stop there and mop up. Once everything is cleared out, then we move on to the second half of the mission.

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# 18
09-14-2012, 03:34 AM
If I don't do it optional objectives are lost. Not that I enjoy rushing but it's the only way to get all the optionals. Of course you leave the rest of the team dealing wuth mobs but since it only takes 3-4 minutes or so to get objectives, I'm able to help them when it's done. Sadly, many times, I have 40-50% of the dps of the team in pugs and I can see them complaining about the rusher who isn't here to save their weak as*** immediatly. I just don't answer, or when I do it it's just "run", and when objectives are done, I start cleaning the mess with the other rusher (which is often the other 50% of the dps) if there is one.

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# 19
09-14-2012, 12:19 PM
That only works when the Runner's actually good at it. When the Runner is, then the goal for the rest of the team, is to keep the mobs focused off of the runner until all the objectives are filled. (hence, someone pulling tail-guard/fire support with the group, or moving in support of the faster specialist, see?)

One of the problems I've seen in Colony invasion (and maybe it's the hours I'm on) is when you have three people trying to be the runner and botching it because they're in each other's way.

all a team in CI needs to get the Optional, is a SINGLE runner, at most two-someone with some speed and some stealth preferably, (and maybe some protection if his stealthing isn't really good, high-end stuff). the rest of the team needs to be packing lots of firepower, with things like "Security Escort" and "Orbital Strike" on-tap to draw/clear mobs as they appear, and all those big guns that cut your running speed. (runners should stick to light weapons that don't slow 'em down-they're not here to shoot, they're here to nail the objectives dammit.)

it's like sending a Bradley scout to mark targets for the Abrams platoon, see?
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# 20
09-14-2012, 04:01 PM
Well actually the best combo is a runner and a support to draw fire away from the runner. Tacs are the best support guys. But of course you don't play the glorious role, so many people tend to forget that.

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