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How come my Diplomatic Immunity, that I have to beg people to give to me for like 20 minutes, goes away if I enter a ground map (or something else) and then return to my ship again? I can give other Diplomatic Immunity but not myself. I can also give people Diplomatic Immunity on ground as well. I'm guessing the same thing applies to Raiding Party but I'm not sure as I do not have that skill yet on my KDF toons.

I feels like it is a bug. And why isn't there a countdown on it so we know how much time is left on the one we've got? So we know when to start asking again in zone chat for people to give Diplomatic Immunity or Raiding Party to us. Because that is what you are forcing us to do with the current limitation of not being able to grant it to our self. We should also be able to grant it to an entire team, that we are in, with one click.

Something has to be done to make this a less irritating process.

I happily give Diplomatic Immunity to everyone I run in to, if they ask for it or not. But getting the same returns take a very unnecessary long time.
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# 2 Same problem
07-27-2012, 10:33 PM
I have that same problem with the raiding parties whenever I jump into warp. I quick solution would be nice!

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