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Originally Posted by eagledraco View Post
Afaik, all helmets in STO are replacements for your head entirely. I guess they don't have costumes which goes OVER your head. That would be ideal but with so many head customization options (especially alien) that might be difficult for them.

Lots of things clip through our costumes currently. I can imagine huge ears and humungous noses extending beyond the confines of your helmet.
I assume it has been doen this way to make things easier. Presumably the alternative was to have no helmets at all?
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Originally Posted by tacofangs View Post
EV Suits are a straight up costume replacement. There is no part of your original costume that draws while the EV suit is on.
Thanks for the explanation Tumerboy. It would have been nice if EV suits were handled like kits and drawn over your original costume, but I'm sure it was simpler to implement this way.

With that said, I would still like to see transparent faceplates for the STF suits -- the M.A.CO., Honor Guard, and Omega Force Mark XII gear. Those are costume pieces that can be customized at the Tailor, not a full avatar replacement. We already have head replacements like the Bajoran Vedek hood which use the character's face. I should think that a helmet could be made that works the same way.

Originally Posted by tacofangs View Post
Because people have big heads.
I always wondered how that would work. For that matter, what do Andorians do with their antennae in those helmets? Must be uncomfortable for them.
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I'd have a cosmetic button for that or at least make it an automatic on-off of clear vs. opaque based on "background light". You'd want it on for spacewalks, for example, but not necessarily on a planet. As for ability for the company to easily implement, not sure. There are such helmets in Champtions, but it's a static costume design for a character. Not sure if that fits for this.

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