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Originally Posted by palpha2clearance View Post
... but what do I know I an only a genious ...
A genius with a strong grasp on grammar, spelling and typing skills

Sorry , had to. Should be

"... but what do I know ? I am only a genius ..."

Sorry , it's the teacher part of me. If you're going to be claiming to be a genius ...

As to the original point.

J'em Boffs have always been Unique. There is a bug somewhere that sometimes lets a player claim more than one of a unique item. I for example have 2 CRM-2000s. OP got lucky, the bug occurred on something cool like a Jemmie Boff. Cheers ! Good for You !

I disagree with the idea of making all these things not unique. Subspace Field Modulator ... if not unique then suddenly you've got what 3 , 4 of these experimental pieces of tech ?

The ghostly ground item, same thing as above. EXPERIMENTAL tech. It should be unique.

Pimpcane ? Why ? Just why ? I would imagine the item would share a cooldown and tactical officers can already set up to use it a whole bunch faster.

I agree with all the things that I know of that are unique 1 time only items.

As to reruns every month ? No. Having them not just happening all the time actually makes them able to be events. Why not just make the 'special' run rewards available as a normal part of the mission, because if you have them rerunning all the time, thats exactly what happens and then the items lost all semblance of being special.

Just my two latinums worth. Your mileage may vary.

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