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10-25-2012, 11:44 AM
Hey guys I'm still fairly new to the game. I have been searching and searching for decent tac builds and have yet to find any. I'm looking for space and ground. Also what kind of ships and weapons are good. I'm stuck trying to figure out what all the skills do and which ones are good. Also I have no idea what kind of deflector dish I should use or even what they do. Any help would be great. Oh and how do I get good ships without Zen? The free ones are ok but I still find myself getting blown out of the sky often. Again I'm a kdf captian rank level 38
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10-27-2012, 10:37 PM
If you're getting blown out of the sky a lot, having a better bridge officer layout's much better than getting a new ship.

First off, what sort of ship are you flying? If you're a tac officer in an escort, you are going to be pretty fragile. There are things you can do to prevent this though.

First, you want to stock up on the baseline "not-dying" powers. They key ones are tac team (for automatic shield balancing) and emergency power to shields for a shield heal and increased shield regen/resists.

Now this may not be quite enough, so if you want the full suite of survival powers, you'll probably want at least one tac team, possibly two, either two copies of emergency power to shields I / II or emergency power to shields I and reverse shield polarity - opinions are split on which is better, and for science, the standard is hazard emitters and either transfer shield strength (if two tac teams) or science team (if one). If you're feeling confident about the impenetrability of your shields, you can also give hazard emitters a miss to grab a low level sci ability.
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10-28-2012, 07:49 AM
Check out this guide


It has really good info, in particular the concept of keybinding all your key offensive and defensive buffs to the space bar - two copies of Tactical team and Emergency power to shields gives survivability a massive boost.

Also the PvP section of the forum has some really good KDF battle cruiser builds in this thread


and the guys who visit the Klingon fleetyard section are pretty helpfull.
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11-04-2012, 12:32 PM
Well right now I'm flying the mirror qin heavy raptor. I purchased the vor cha for the isometric charge. I'm having problems with weapon layouts, boff abilities and doffs. I'm just now lvl 50 and have been trying hard to find decent guides to just find nothing. I'm interested in beams but will go with DHC if the dps is greater.
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11-04-2012, 01:18 PM
Originally Posted by bonedragon55 View Post
Well right now I'm flying the mirror qin heavy raptor. I purchased the vor cha for the isometric charge. I'm having problems with weapon layouts, boff abilities and doffs. I'm just now lvl 50 and have been trying hard to find decent guides to just find nothing. I'm interested in beams but will go with DHC if the dps is greater.
I have two KDF Capt's, 1 Eng and 1 Tac. DHC's have a higher DPS rating but it depends a lot on your ability to keep the target within the 45 degree firing arc. In my Hegh'Ta Heavy BOP that's hardly difficult, even without an RCS console. In fact an RCS console on a BOP is "gilding the Lily", so to speak. So my BOP mounts DHC and DC fore and turrets aft. I'm not a fan of torps. They're fine for some and can be very effective but I find that a well built beam/cannon boat works better for me and I don't have to devote consoles or BoFF abilities to kinetic weapons. However I've seen torpedo boats in action that were also quite effective (and they can devote power to shields that I can't). To each their own, try different things and find what works best for you. My Tac also flies a Fleet K'Tinga retrofit. Something of a cross between a Raptor and a Lt. Cruiser. On that I mount beam arrays and dual beam banks fore and beam arrays and turrets aft. While turrets have low, overall, DPS they have a 360 degree arc so are always firing. With an RCS console the K'Tinga is actually quite nimble but still spends enough time broadside that I decided beams were better than dual cannons. BoFF abilities are critical, especially shield and hull heals. It also depends a lot on whether you are building for PvE or PvP. Overall PvE will be easier than PvP but some builds that work well for PvP are not as effective in PvE. The primary thing to remember between them is that in PvE the NPC's miss a LOT more shots than your opponents will in PvP.
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When you hit level 40, I'd advise you to take the Vo'quv as your "free" ship and buy a Mirror Qin Raptor off the exchange (they're cheap, only 600k or so).

The Mirror Qin is equivalent to a Fed Patrol Escort with a cloak, and it's a great escort. As for the carrier, I think every KDF player should give that a try, as it's a whole different game when you're using the bird-of-prey pets. As a tac, most of your captain powers are self-only, but Fire On My Mark ought to help your BoPs hit hard.

And if you don't like the carrier, you'll have that Mirror Qin to go back to.

*And I see that you did get the Mirror Qin. Great. DHCs will noticeably increase your DPS, although a beam escort can be made to work if you use it right. On a ship like the Qin, I'd recommend two DHCs and two torpedoes fore, three turrets aft. All energy weapons should be the same type. Quantums are probably the best torps for burst damage, although a strong argument can be made for photons for DPS-over-time. Use two energy consoles and two torp consoles, and a mix of energy and torp boff powers. Use three projectile weapons officer doffs, so you're firing torpedoes constantly. In this way, torps should actually be providing a majority of your total damage.

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Im already lvl 50 and yeah i have the mirror qin. I got it through the lock boxes by a little luck. I decided to go with 4 DHC's fore and 2 turrets + tricobalt device launcher on the back. I just love the single hit huge damage burst. I have two Tactical team abilities and two cannon rapid fire. Also two attack pattern delta. The science and engineer have basic shield and hull heals. What i do is get in close, hit rapid fire and TT then "unleash hell". This seems to work but what i dont care for is that the qin has pretty good turn rate and you cant really use it. Your stuck "Parking" and firing on auto. DPS wise its great, actual fun its poor. Although it is fun seeing the borg spheres shields just drop and their health disappear chunks at a time. Im just now trying to get the active doffs down. What should i use?

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