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# 1 Fleet Advanced Escort Problems
07-26-2012, 11:34 AM
Since todays patch the Fleet Advanced Escort is now available in the Fleet Ship Store. After lots of discussion in the forum I really hoped to get a few clarifications. But after a closer look, I have to admit it raised more questions than it answered. Here are a few points which really do concern me:

1. The unique version is basically the C-store Hepaistos class. Does that mean, we get them suddenly for free ??? If yes, what happens to those who bought them before? Is that just bad luck for them?

2. The name already speaks from the Advanced Fleet Escort, wouldn't that mean the basic ship is the AE? If yes, why does it have the BOFF layout of the MVAE? If it is the MVAE version, why did they call it FAE?

3. That also leads to the question of the price. Branflakes stated on multiple occasions that Tier 5 ships would only cost one module, if you have the Tier 5 Version of the ship already. I have both ships (the MAVE as well as the AE) so I have to ask, why does the ship store still charges you with four modules?

So if you take the first statements in to account, then it leads only to three possible conclusions:

1. The ship is really an AE, but they took the wrong BOFF layout (@CRYPTIC which i hope will be fixed very soon.) The price here could be right, if you consider it a Tier 4 ship.

2. The ship is the MVAE but they took the wrong name and have the wrong price in the store (@CRYPTIC which i hope will be also fixed soon).

3. Its now some sort PSYOPS hybrid, which has been created deliberately to confuse the players. They took the name from the AE, the BOFF layout form the MVAE and charge us now with the full price because no one can really say which is the basic ship. So what ever happens you will always be able to argue: "oh thats because its not the right ship..."

So either way, something is really wrong.

I really would love to hear from you, what are your thoughts about it? And I hope of some sort of clarification from CRYPTIC also.
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# 2
07-26-2012, 11:46 AM
I personally hate all ensign tactical slots for all escort/raptor class ships. Could that slot be anymore redundant and pointless?

Anyways that out of the way; I'm ok with the MVAM layout, I run that ship on my sci actually with great effect. On my tact I'm not a big fan, same with the Fleet Defiant not just because of that ensign layout but also the look. I really hope the damn Andorian Escort Cryptic has been talking about shows up soon.
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# 3
07-26-2012, 08:56 PM
The Fleet Patrol Escort has a Universal Ensign slot.

Making a Fleet Advanced and not giving it the MVAE BOFF layout would be a bit redundant.

It does not come with the Multi Vector Module. Therefore they can't really call it the Fleet Multi Vector Advanced Escort.

Yep if you actually paid for the Hephaestus skin, you don't get a further discount but you can use if on the MVAE and AE you said you own. The T5 skins where removed from the C-Store and added as a feature to the Fleet version of those ships.

Owning the MVAE should entitle you to a 1 Module FAE. I think that may be bugged. I need to go back and check.

Edit: Having just double checked I am currently in my MVAE and it's telling me 4 FSM I assume this is a bug. I can tell you this very few people will pay 4 FSM for this ship, infact I think your entire market was people who owned the MVAE as I see the HEC and FHEC both out performing it.
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