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This thread is probably in the wrong place. It (as with most MMO companies) will probably go ignored or given the default: "Thank you, we will send this to the appropriate team." (which is the trash can) response. However, this post is not really a complaint, it is just honest, heartfelt feedback. So - here we go.

I, am a lifetime subscriber. I have been since the beginning, since when "Lifetime subscriptions will only be available for a limited time." I quit playing shortly after the breed Episodes were released. I enjoyed the game, life however, became very busy. Some of my complaints at that time here, "I don't understand all these terms, like "emitters."" "How to I join this player again?", "Why can super high leveled players come open my encounters so when I join them, they are level 50 and I am instant dust?", and so on.

The talent trees were complicated. The servers were.. unstable at best.

Now I play again, haven't been for very long. The talent trees make more sense, the quests make more sense, which is good, considering in the opening tutorial mission you know actually go to the transporter room. I play this game because I enjoy all aspects of the Star Trek universe.

However, some things.. seem bad, if not worse than before.

The C-Store. I bought points waaay back in the day, I liked the costumes, the ships it was nice, it was reasonable. I remember when game Dev's seemed actually involved in the process of making new content fun for players and they had their fingers on the pulse of the game. It was good to know they cared about how we felt the game was, if it was fun.

I remember how cool it was to do those Episode away missions with friends and be immersed into the game. Now it seems the only thing the team that used to have my back has their fingers on is my wallet - and I'm already a lifetime subscriber.

I really doubt my message will mean anything to anyone, or even that anyone near the top will ever see it - but, this is how I feel.

To the players, comment responses like "**** you PWE!" are just stupid. You'd be surprised in the power of a fact oriented conversation. In the end the game always existed for money, not for fans it seems.

TL;DR. Love the game, its so much better then it was. However, I was loyal to you in the beginning, be loyal to me now.

Oh.. and I still don't know what things like gravatron generators or emitters mean.

Please, have a great day.

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