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07-27-2012, 10:49 PM
Originally Posted by cenulf View Post
You obviously haven't used ablative in pvp then. Ablative WILL allow you to tank through damage with out shields up. Making it a toggle is just silly.
You obviously haven't been hit with a THY III + RF III in the 2 seconds it takes for the armor to activate.

You obviously havent faced any decent sci captain who will wait for your RSP/Ablative/ES to go up, then nuke you.

If I am scared enough to use the console, its because all other options are exhausted; TSS, HE, TT, S-Field, and Im low on shields and being hit by multiple enemies. Ive PvPed with it for months, when I took it out, I did better. It wasnt game changing, just that I gained one console back.

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