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# 1 Need Escorts
07-26-2012, 09:25 PM
Ok i have made Admiral I know what im doing have a Avenger Class Star Cruiser...tested it in battle by doing a simple system patrol....have over a million energy credits what are the best weapons and shields as this is a big ship.....really need one or two escorts but atm i will equipe my ship as best i can...

Any help or advice is welcome oh and id like to sell my other ships all my ships are issue i haven't bought anything.....
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07-26-2012, 10:08 PM
You may want to start searching the various cruiser threads for build ideas, look for what techniques get used over and over again. And I'm sorry to say that a million EC isn't that much and will only get you basically equipped. Short version, hit the Exchange, buy 6 beam arrays of the best mark your level allows, all of the same kind, along with a pair of the appropriate energy damage consoles. More than 6 and you'll actually do less damage due to excess drain unless you're an engineer using EPS Power Transfer or Nadion Inversion, or load up on power-boosting boff abilities. Fill the other two slots with torps or mines or DBBs or whatever you enjoy. Either buy white quality so you can resell them at the same price when you're done, or green quality with the [Acc] modifier. The absolute best [Acc]x3 weapons cost several million each (into the tens of millions each, depending on weapon type), and the runner-up [Acc]x2 weapons are in the single millions each or cost dilithium in the d-store. More accessable (and almost as good for general-purpose use) are either the anti-Borg weapons purchased with salvage or data chips from STF missions, or the hybrid weapons from certain story missions.

This is not a final solution for an ultimate ship, but it'll help you keep moving along.
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07-27-2012, 12:02 AM
If you want good gear, do special task force missions. That will get you tokens that you can use to buy weapons with [borg] modifiers. Those weapons are pretty much all you need to play this game. Even the mk xi versions.
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